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The device, which helps to adjust the application of makeup

Max Factor »- a world-renowned cosmetics company – founded Factorovich Maximilian, who was born in 1877 in Poland, then part of the Russian Empire. His first shop he opened in the city of Ryazan, and then moved to Moscow, where he gradually achieved the status of the supplier of the royal family, and in 1904 emigrated to the United States.
Having lived first in New York, he moved to the West Coast, where he started a small business for the production of cosmetics, which comes to Hollywood. It soon became the leading supplier Factorovich makeup for the film industry. This was largely thanks to his discoveries: in 1914 he came up with a lipstick, not melting under the hot spotlight that has been a godsend to Hollywood makeup artists. Also among his inventions: waterproof cosmetics, brush for powder and lipstick tube with a brush for mascara, round powder box, raschesochka eyebrow, liquid tone cream, pale pink lipstick and a steady, natural shades and shadows of many other “stuff.” pet grooming Madison
The device, which helps to adjust the application of makeup.

In 1935, Max Factor opened his’ Hollywood studio makeup Max Factor. ” The opening ceremony is considered one of the most famous Hollywood parties. It was attended by all the stars at the time, and each has left an autograph on a huge “Sheet of Fame”, which is now considered the most complete collection of autographs of celebrities of the time.
The word (or rather, the reduction) «makeup» also came up with Maximilian Factorovich.
After the death of Max Factor in 1938, his work was continued by the son of Frank, who changed his name and became known as Max Factor, Jr.. In honor of Max Factor laid a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Faktrum warns that excessive love of fast food – it is bad, but worse – excessive love drink fast food coffee. If you ate fatty foods, and then drank a cup of espresso, the level of sugar in your blood immediately rises to the heights typical for people with diabetes risk. cleaning service Madison
Canadian researchers from the University of Gelfa conducted a study in which a group of healthy men given to drink a cocktail of fatty lipids (very appetizing, does not it?), To simulate the processes occurring in the body after consumption of fast food. A few hours later some of them have a sweet drink. sugar level rose to 32% compared with those who did not drink the beverage.
But really stunning results scientists obtained when subjects made a few hours after the fat cocktail drink a couple of cups of espresso. After another hour the poor man also received a sugary drink. The level of sugar in their blood jumped as much as 65%! This means that the harm from ingested you on hamburger lunch is maintained throughout the day, preventing the body to properly digest food adopted much later. computer repair Madison

The Blue Marble

The first person who was able to make a “photographic” snapshot constant, that is, to fix the image was Joseph Niepce. The very first in the history of photography is considered to be a picture “View”, dated 1826 year. Image exposition lasted 8 hours. dentist Madison
2. The first color photograph in Russia published in “Notes of Russian Technical Society.” It captures Leo Tolstoy.
Leo Tolstoy in “Notes of the Russian Technical Society

3. The first rolkasseta – one of the prototypes of the modern film – which was placed svetochustvitelnoy 12 sheets of paper, and, respectively, and 12 shots, weighed 15 kilograms.
4. Camaya oldest in the world the camera was sold at auction in Vienna in 2007, at the same time setting an absolute record and becoming the most expensive camera ever sold at auction. Rarity called “Daguerreotype Sussat brothers» (Daguerrotype Susses Freres) was sold for nearly eight hundred thousand dollars. The starting price is 100 000 euro.
Daguerreotype Sussey brothers

5. In 1878, invented a technology that allows to fix the frame on the photographic film, almost without any delay. After 3 years, an employee of the American military institute was given the task to destroy the useless donkey, and the military decided to do it with “for the benefit of science” – to blow up the donkey’s head and fix it quick snapshot. The detonator explosives tied to a donkey was at the same time connected to the camera shutter. The experiment was a success: the machine accurately recorded the moment of explosion a donkey head. stylist Madison
Moment of the explosion donkey head

6. The famous picture of Einstein with his tongue hanging out was made in 1951 on the birthday physics. Einstein gave her the leading scientific and popular programs, Howard Smith, and wrote on the back of the card: “You will like this gesture, because it is the whole of humanity.”
Albert Einstein

7. In the first place in the Top 10 most expensive pictures of the world is anonymous work of Richard Prince of the series “Cowboy”, pushed in 2008 for 3.401 million dollars.
Richard Prince – Cowboy

8. Camera “Changing the symbol” used by Soviet climbers during the ascent of Everest in 1982; the camera back from the expedition in good condition and now stored at the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow. interior design Madison
Change symbol

9. The famous American photographer Matthew B. Brady was the first man who took a picture of himself, that is. E. Made a self-portrait.
10. William Thompson performed the first underwater photos using a camera mounted on the bottom. The pictures were of very poor quality. Made near Veymonta, UK.
Underwater photography William Thompson

11. The first picture, which depicts a fully illuminated Earth, known as «The Blue Marble» ( «Blue Marble”) and was made December 7, 1972 the spacecraft command Apollo 17. The sun was behind the Earth, at a time when photographed, and The land is completely covered.

The Blue Marble
12. The first “photographic” was made of asphalt. More precisely, a copper or glass plate was coated asphalt varnish.
13. For the first time to retouch photos and on request to make them “color”, which was achieved by coloring with watercolors, began in 1840.
14. In early cameras speed of the central gate was low, so shooting moving objects used valves with moving shutters. However, it is not perceived as a defect – it was believed that such images could not be better emphasize agility and speed. Later, that’s why the artists of comics and cartoons often depicted cars with oval wheels.
15. The French singer during the occupation performed in prison camps in Germany, after which was photographed for memory with them and the German officers. Then in Paris prisoners face cut out and pasted in false documents. Piaf went to the camp to visit again and smuggling of these passports, with which some prisoners managed to escape. dance studio Madison