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Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage

Pilgrims called the man who consciously chosen to him the way, unlike ordinary tramp. Before that, he set a specific purpose, which must be connected with sacred symbols. Studying the theme: “Pilgrims – who is this?”, It should be noted that the Latin word translated as “palm” – palma (here means palm branches with which people met Jesus Christ in Jerusalem). The pilgrimage – a journey to the Holy Land and other holy places associated with the Christian faith.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Pilgrims – is it?
The basis of the Christian tradition rests desire faithful venerate holy places associated with the earthly life of Jesus Christ, His Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and the apostles to immerse themselves in the sacred waters of the Jordan River and to pray before the miraculous holy image. In other religions have similar practices.
In a pilgrimage to the Holy Land began with the very first days of the birth of Russian Christianity. The path was difficult and dangerous, and mostly it was through Constantinople. By the XI century pilgrim routes were the Holy Land, Mount Athos and its national shrine. But in the XII century passion for pilgrimage reached its climax, and church authorities had to stifle zealous bohosluzhyteley.
By XV century comes a turning point, when Orthodox pilgrim begins to complain of harassment of his evil Arabs and Turks. By the time Constantinople fell to the Turks, and Eastern Christian shrines in the hands of Muslims.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Orthodox pilgrim
In the second half of the XVI century intensified again walking pilgrims to the Holy Land. Well known pilgrimage detailed merchant Vasily Yakovlevich loons Jerusalem and Egypt. He lived in Kazan and conducted trade with the Persian merchants. 40, in his own words, lived “and committed bad” behavior were the result of this disaster, Povalii his head one by one. His wife died, then sank ship the goods and trading mounted there. However, after the church and repent of them promise the implementation of pilgrimage to Jerusalem for one year, he amassed property twice over lost before.
However, most pilgrims were official people who send orders from Moscow government and charity.

The war with Turkey in the second half of the XVIII times over complicated Catherine Orthodox pilgrimage.
But by the mid XIX century an important role in strengthening the institution played a pilgrimage in Jerusalem Russian Spiritual Mission and the establishment of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.
Often this kind of religious motives were aggressive cover for commercial purposes. Pilgrimage has played a huge role in the preparation of the Crusades. In the Middle Ages pilgrims – this higher nobility, warriors who sought initiation into the Knights, which took place at the Holy Sepulcher, and merchants with commercial purposes, and scientists and adventurers and magicians who sought knowledge miracle in the East.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Pilgrimage today
Modern pilgrims – is who are you? And if there is a tradition of pilgrimage today? I must say that it revived, but in a new form, as interest and faith in Christ people did not disappear, but still growing. This is conducive to a huge number of new churches and monasteries that are most often organized such trips around the world, but those involved and travel agencies.
Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
You can get any of Jerusalem or the Athos monastery pilgrims. Russian spiritual mission in Jerusalem keeps statistics where there is evidence that about half of spiritual pilgrims from around the world are Orthodox Christians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Besides Russian pilgrims visiting Palestine Athos Greek city of Bari in Italy, where the relics of Saint Nicholas, the capital of Montenegro, which houses the right hand of John the Baptist and other Christian holy sites.
However pilgrimage has little to do with excursion tourism, as it requires preliminary work on spirituality in terms of purification of the soul repentance awareness of their sins and humility, it is necessary to access such large relics to penetrate deeply and reverently in the holy gospel atmosphere of events two thousand years ago.
Every Russian pilgrim, realizing for themselves the importance of the event, trying to advance properly prepare for this moment, so it is a time of fasting, confession, partake, many praying and then the blessing of their spiritual mentor goes on a trip.
The main thing is to understand that the Pilgrims – not just tourists but deeply religious people who go to relax and not considered holy as museum exhibits, and see something in secret, hidden from human eyes.

Interesting facts about girls

And you would like to understand women? Of course, this is impossible. But there are some things which should take. They will help to better understand the fair sex.
Interesting facts about girls
Sometimes guys have a difficult conversation with the girls. They just are not always able to understand how to please his beloved. This review will present some facts about girls. After reading them, you will not only begin to better understand the half, but let her feel how much you need it.
What you need to understand first?
What should I know? The main thing to understand – give girls more important words reflect your attitude to them. You can love your girl very, very much. But if you talk about it you do not, then know that it can not. In addition, girls like confident in their abilities boys and men who have their point of view. It can be any advise. But if the guy no confidence, then it will not help him. What are the facts about girls need to know first? They do not like people who constantly doubt and afraid to make decisions.

I like girls when their problems and experiences of interest. They were nice when they care about. There are many different literature at the present stage, which is given different advice. And with each of these books can not learn something interesting and informative. If you want to understand your beloved? Identify genuine concern, aiming to form a harmonious relationship.
What other facts about girls should know? They need attention. And it must exercise regularly. If she stops feeling, it begins to doubt the usefulness relations. So try to show attention and affection. Interesting facts about girls and scientists voiced. They have shown that the main components of a strong relationship for women is a manifestation of attention. Try to listen more to his beloved, speaking of their feelings and showing them.

Sometimes girls think guys can read their thoughts. However, it always comes last speculate about the desire of the fair sex. It identified 10 facts about the girl that every guy should know.
Learn to listen
Interesting facts about girls
Do not try to make an impression on the girls. Just start to hear them. Of course, you can attempt to do. However, the whole problem lies in the fact that many things which, according to men, have to grab the girl, in reality does not produce a positive effect. Alcohol, fighting, swearing – all these seemingly signs of brutal men capable of hitting not all of the fair sex.
They shave their legs every day
What other facts about girls need attention? Understand that they do not shave their legs every day. For some unknown reason, society and the media have decided to unite to tell the girls that they must carefully watch their feet, zbryvayuchy hair as soon as they appeared. To this girl, of course, reacted positively. But shave your legs every day, they still did not. Denok be missed if a valid reason is not.

Think about their behavior
As you are trying to attract her attention? In kindergarten children interact with the opposite sex often through ridicule, name calling and taking away toys. For their age it is quite normal. But we should consider some facts about girls. They say that the older panels this kind of communication is unacceptable. You try to say nice things? Are you trying to make a compliment? If the answer is no, you need to think about their behavior.
Having money does not play a primary role
Not all girls interested in the financial situation of boys. There is a view among the male population, the fair sex are increasingly paying attention to rich men. And the more money they have, the more likely interested in the girl. This is not quite true. Naturally, with equal probability that preference will be given to a lot of guys above. But think about it because you are interested in not only the size of a bra, although it is for many and important. That girl – they pay attention not only to those who have a high annual income, liquid assets and real estate.
Do not think of it as one
What interesting facts about girls should know? Imagine it from the perspective of his wife. Just imagine for a moment a few simple situations. It was determined the choice for a few months, it all means trying to please, visited various salons, manicure and pedicure done. A circle of friends you just imagine her as a friend. This is unfortunate. What then to do? Not to say that it is only one. Imagine her position with his girlfriend. You are not quite sure about the status of relations? I will make a man and talk to her about it.
From it should not be secrets
Interesting facts about girls: top 20
Women are capable of any secret perceived as a fraud. These facts about his girlfriend should know. If you like the photo some girl on the Internet and you decided to write her a message, which eventually grew into a regular conversation, then hide it from his beloved is not necessary. Naturally, it would seem that she take it wrong, even if you never met in reality with another girl once. And it may be thought that such correspondence is not cheating. But this is misleading. Any relationship formed primarily on trust. And not very tactful concealing some not very pleasant moments to anything good will not result.

Need replies
What are the psychological facts about girls should know? They will worry if you do not respond to their message. Of course, you may decide that correspondence on the phone – an empty class, does not affect the relationship. After the message is not counted, do not smell and does not take place in the real world. They play an important role for the girl. If she wrote that she be kind enough to answer. You simple, but it – nice.

She should not feel ugly
Many girls are shy by nature. Because they are constantly surrounded by images of beautiful women depicted in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and in films. It is therefore necessary to try to create an atmosphere that she could not even think of being in the world more beautiful girls. If she will feel that it is something wrong, then the relationship will deteriorate.
Consider his declaration of love
What other facts about beautiful girls need attention? They care not how you ziznayetesya in their feelings. We can say that for them it plays an important role, especially if the first recognition. So try to think it through.
She began to get angry? She needed attention
Be towards her attention when she starts to get angry. Of course, this fact does not seem logical. But when she began to scold you, then maybe she wants you to just kiss her? Or hugged and said that love. When she started to ignore you, then she just need attention.
Above were presented 10 facts about the girl. They need to know if you want to build a strong relationship with it. But this is not all the facts to help girls learn to understand better.
The many facets of the fair sex
Interesting facts about girls: top 20
Very rare girls who love to cook complex meals for yourself.
Most of the ladies dissatisfied with what their figure. But if you know you say it, it will still be angry at you.
Any woman experiencing strong break that lasted over a year. And the experience will be even in case of strong feelings to your partner even out of the question.
Do you want to know interesting facts about the red-haired girls? We must understand that they have an explosive nature. So be prepared to tolerate their increased emotionality. They behave as see fit, not as good. And they can not tell a very pleasant, but true words.
Black-haired girls are very vulnerable. Even small failures can drive them into depression. The mood in these rapidly changing. The reasons for their failures are always trying to find himself, in his appearance.
Do not believe stupid blonde! This stereotype does not correspond to reality. They better understand all the other girls in the exact sciences.
The gentle and meek brunette designed for families. They pay much attention to their appearance, but the basic rate have on the intellect.
Many girls smoke occasionally, but admit this nice guy in no hurry.
They are ready to buy trendy jeans a few sizes smaller just to lose weight.
Girls are able to cry for a reason. They are for that reason not necessary.
They can be satisfied that the guys do not take a full meal (cereal, fruit, oatmeal, etc.).
There are nice facts about girls? To grow in their eyes, just fix the wiring.
They like aggressive guys. But relations girls prefer to start with a good romantic.
Suspected that a girl like you? Ask about it at her friends. Most of the ladies can not hide secrets, sharing heartfelt experiences with each other.
Better not get them when they have a bad mood! The girl will always find an excuse to harass, even if you are just trying to speak. And if you do not pay attention to it, resentment will become even stronger.
If you just wrote CMC strange girl, in her opinion there that you want to drag her to bed.
We decided to ask her on a date at 9 pm? Be sure that the meeting will begin her back in 5. But to avoid delay will not work, because at the moment there is a lock that simply could not meet as it should.
Most of the ladies are sure that love is simple – “is forever.” Girls mentally “try on” name guy prorahovuyuchy their future life with him.
According to some experts, sexologists, the most common sex red girl. And if the ladies decided to disguise the color, so it is dissatisfied with his sex life.
Girls are able to simultaneously do several cases. She painted nails, watching the show and gossip on the phone.