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Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage

Pilgrims called the man who consciously chosen to him the way, unlike ordinary tramp. Before that, he set a specific purpose, which must be connected with sacred symbols. Studying the theme: “Pilgrims – who is this?”, It should be noted that the Latin word translated as “palm” – palma (here means palm branches with which people met Jesus Christ in Jerusalem). The pilgrimage – a journey to the Holy Land and other holy places associated with the Christian faith.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Pilgrims – is it?
The basis of the Christian tradition rests desire faithful venerate holy places associated with the earthly life of Jesus Christ, His Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and the apostles to immerse themselves in the sacred waters of the Jordan River and to pray before the miraculous holy image. In other religions have similar practices.
In a pilgrimage to the Holy Land began with the very first days of the birth of Russian Christianity. The path was difficult and dangerous, and mostly it was through Constantinople. By the XI century pilgrim routes were the Holy Land, Mount Athos and its national shrine. But in the XII century passion for pilgrimage reached its climax, and church authorities had to stifle zealous bohosluzhyteley.
By XV century comes a turning point, when Orthodox pilgrim begins to complain of harassment of his evil Arabs and Turks. By the time Constantinople fell to the Turks, and Eastern Christian shrines in the hands of Muslims.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Orthodox pilgrim
In the second half of the XVI century intensified again walking pilgrims to the Holy Land. Well known pilgrimage detailed merchant Vasily Yakovlevich loons Jerusalem and Egypt. He lived in Kazan and conducted trade with the Persian merchants. 40, in his own words, lived “and committed bad” behavior were the result of this disaster, Povalii his head one by one. His wife died, then sank ship the goods and trading mounted there. However, after the church and repent of them promise the implementation of pilgrimage to Jerusalem for one year, he amassed property twice over lost before.
However, most pilgrims were official people who send orders from Moscow government and charity.

The war with Turkey in the second half of the XVIII times over complicated Catherine Orthodox pilgrimage.
But by the mid XIX century an important role in strengthening the institution played a pilgrimage in Jerusalem Russian Spiritual Mission and the establishment of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.
Often this kind of religious motives were aggressive cover for commercial purposes. Pilgrimage has played a huge role in the preparation of the Crusades. In the Middle Ages pilgrims – this higher nobility, warriors who sought initiation into the Knights, which took place at the Holy Sepulcher, and merchants with commercial purposes, and scientists and adventurers and magicians who sought knowledge miracle in the East.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Pilgrimage today
Modern pilgrims – is who are you? And if there is a tradition of pilgrimage today? I must say that it revived, but in a new form, as interest and faith in Christ people did not disappear, but still growing. This is conducive to a huge number of new churches and monasteries that are most often organized such trips around the world, but those involved and travel agencies.
Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
You can get any of Jerusalem or the Athos monastery pilgrims. Russian spiritual mission in Jerusalem keeps statistics where there is evidence that about half of spiritual pilgrims from around the world are Orthodox Christians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Besides Russian pilgrims visiting Palestine Athos Greek city of Bari in Italy, where the relics of Saint Nicholas, the capital of Montenegro, which houses the right hand of John the Baptist and other Christian holy sites.
However pilgrimage has little to do with excursion tourism, as it requires preliminary work on spirituality in terms of purification of the soul repentance awareness of their sins and humility, it is necessary to access such large relics to penetrate deeply and reverently in the holy gospel atmosphere of events two thousand years ago.
Every Russian pilgrim, realizing for themselves the importance of the event, trying to advance properly prepare for this moment, so it is a time of fasting, confession, partake, many praying and then the blessing of their spiritual mentor goes on a trip.
The main thing is to understand that the Pilgrims – not just tourists but deeply religious people who go to relax and not considered holy as museum exhibits, and see something in secret, hidden from human eyes.

Interesting facts about girls

And you would like to understand women? Of course, this is impossible. But there are some things which should take. They will help to better understand the fair sex.
Interesting facts about girls
Sometimes guys have a difficult conversation with the girls. They just are not always able to understand how to please his beloved. This review will present some facts about girls. After reading them, you will not only begin to better understand the half, but let her feel how much you need it.
What you need to understand first?
What should I know? The main thing to understand – give girls more important words reflect your attitude to them. You can love your girl very, very much. But if you talk about it you do not, then know that it can not. In addition, girls like confident in their abilities boys and men who have their point of view. It can be any advise. But if the guy no confidence, then it will not help him. What are the facts about girls need to know first? They do not like people who constantly doubt and afraid to make decisions.

I like girls when their problems and experiences of interest. They were nice when they care about. There are many different literature at the present stage, which is given different advice. And with each of these books can not learn something interesting and informative. If you want to understand your beloved? Identify genuine concern, aiming to form a harmonious relationship.
What other facts about girls should know? They need attention. And it must exercise regularly. If she stops feeling, it begins to doubt the usefulness relations. So try to show attention and affection. Interesting facts about girls and scientists voiced. They have shown that the main components of a strong relationship for women is a manifestation of attention. Try to listen more to his beloved, speaking of their feelings and showing them.

Sometimes girls think guys can read their thoughts. However, it always comes last speculate about the desire of the fair sex. It identified 10 facts about the girl that every guy should know.
Learn to listen
Interesting facts about girls
Do not try to make an impression on the girls. Just start to hear them. Of course, you can attempt to do. However, the whole problem lies in the fact that many things which, according to men, have to grab the girl, in reality does not produce a positive effect. Alcohol, fighting, swearing – all these seemingly signs of brutal men capable of hitting not all of the fair sex.
They shave their legs every day
What other facts about girls need attention? Understand that they do not shave their legs every day. For some unknown reason, society and the media have decided to unite to tell the girls that they must carefully watch their feet, zbryvayuchy hair as soon as they appeared. To this girl, of course, reacted positively. But shave your legs every day, they still did not. Denok be missed if a valid reason is not.

Think about their behavior
As you are trying to attract her attention? In kindergarten children interact with the opposite sex often through ridicule, name calling and taking away toys. For their age it is quite normal. But we should consider some facts about girls. They say that the older panels this kind of communication is unacceptable. You try to say nice things? Are you trying to make a compliment? If the answer is no, you need to think about their behavior.
Having money does not play a primary role
Not all girls interested in the financial situation of boys. There is a view among the male population, the fair sex are increasingly paying attention to rich men. And the more money they have, the more likely interested in the girl. This is not quite true. Naturally, with equal probability that preference will be given to a lot of guys above. But think about it because you are interested in not only the size of a bra, although it is for many and important. That girl – they pay attention not only to those who have a high annual income, liquid assets and real estate.
Do not think of it as one
What interesting facts about girls should know? Imagine it from the perspective of his wife. Just imagine for a moment a few simple situations. It was determined the choice for a few months, it all means trying to please, visited various salons, manicure and pedicure done. A circle of friends you just imagine her as a friend. This is unfortunate. What then to do? Not to say that it is only one. Imagine her position with his girlfriend. You are not quite sure about the status of relations? I will make a man and talk to her about it.
From it should not be secrets
Interesting facts about girls: top 20
Women are capable of any secret perceived as a fraud. These facts about his girlfriend should know. If you like the photo some girl on the Internet and you decided to write her a message, which eventually grew into a regular conversation, then hide it from his beloved is not necessary. Naturally, it would seem that she take it wrong, even if you never met in reality with another girl once. And it may be thought that such correspondence is not cheating. But this is misleading. Any relationship formed primarily on trust. And not very tactful concealing some not very pleasant moments to anything good will not result.

Need replies
What are the psychological facts about girls should know? They will worry if you do not respond to their message. Of course, you may decide that correspondence on the phone – an empty class, does not affect the relationship. After the message is not counted, do not smell and does not take place in the real world. They play an important role for the girl. If she wrote that she be kind enough to answer. You simple, but it – nice.

She should not feel ugly
Many girls are shy by nature. Because they are constantly surrounded by images of beautiful women depicted in the pages of magazines, in advertisements and in films. It is therefore necessary to try to create an atmosphere that she could not even think of being in the world more beautiful girls. If she will feel that it is something wrong, then the relationship will deteriorate.
Consider his declaration of love
What other facts about beautiful girls need attention? They care not how you ziznayetesya in their feelings. We can say that for them it plays an important role, especially if the first recognition. So try to think it through.
She began to get angry? She needed attention
Be towards her attention when she starts to get angry. Of course, this fact does not seem logical. But when she began to scold you, then maybe she wants you to just kiss her? Or hugged and said that love. When she started to ignore you, then she just need attention.
Above were presented 10 facts about the girl. They need to know if you want to build a strong relationship with it. But this is not all the facts to help girls learn to understand better.
The many facets of the fair sex
Interesting facts about girls: top 20
Very rare girls who love to cook complex meals for yourself.
Most of the ladies dissatisfied with what their figure. But if you know you say it, it will still be angry at you.
Any woman experiencing strong break that lasted over a year. And the experience will be even in case of strong feelings to your partner even out of the question.
Do you want to know interesting facts about the red-haired girls? We must understand that they have an explosive nature. So be prepared to tolerate their increased emotionality. They behave as see fit, not as good. And they can not tell a very pleasant, but true words.
Black-haired girls are very vulnerable. Even small failures can drive them into depression. The mood in these rapidly changing. The reasons for their failures are always trying to find himself, in his appearance.
Do not believe stupid blonde! This stereotype does not correspond to reality. They better understand all the other girls in the exact sciences.
The gentle and meek brunette designed for families. They pay much attention to their appearance, but the basic rate have on the intellect.
Many girls smoke occasionally, but admit this nice guy in no hurry.
They are ready to buy trendy jeans a few sizes smaller just to lose weight.
Girls are able to cry for a reason. They are for that reason not necessary.
They can be satisfied that the guys do not take a full meal (cereal, fruit, oatmeal, etc.).
There are nice facts about girls? To grow in their eyes, just fix the wiring.
They like aggressive guys. But relations girls prefer to start with a good romantic.
Suspected that a girl like you? Ask about it at her friends. Most of the ladies can not hide secrets, sharing heartfelt experiences with each other.
Better not get them when they have a bad mood! The girl will always find an excuse to harass, even if you are just trying to speak. And if you do not pay attention to it, resentment will become even stronger.
If you just wrote CMC strange girl, in her opinion there that you want to drag her to bed.
We decided to ask her on a date at 9 pm? Be sure that the meeting will begin her back in 5. But to avoid delay will not work, because at the moment there is a lock that simply could not meet as it should.
Most of the ladies are sure that love is simple – “is forever.” Girls mentally “try on” name guy prorahovuyuchy their future life with him.
According to some experts, sexologists, the most common sex red girl. And if the ladies decided to disguise the color, so it is dissatisfied with his sex life.
Girls are able to simultaneously do several cases. She painted nails, watching the show and gossip on the phone.

10 most useless applications that are tightened like a magnet.

With the development of operating systems, developers every day creates more and more programs that do not carry any meaning, but they want to run and run. Although they are stupid, but perfect for killing time, when you need something to do. Dental Services & Carrer Opportunities

1) Flappy Bird
One of the most successful and at the same time the most controversial hobby stores. Its creator desperately trying to remove his creation to the internet, as it has evolved from an ordinary harmless toys of the monster that addictive, like a drug.
“It infuriates people, and they are in a fit of anger often break smartphones” – commented the creator Dong Nguyen, his creation. But after a while he regained it, as began to appear numerous fakes of the program. Still, after the creation of Dong Nguyen brings him 50 thousand dollars a day.

2) Boxing Machine – Punch Meter
Another silly entertainment that makes you forget about everything around. The essence of the application to strike the air with his fist clenched in the phone. Strange, is not it? The program calculates how strong you left a blow to the imaginary enemy. Run it in the company of friends and reveal the strongest!

3) Snake
Most know and remember this legendary game. Snake – one of the most popular phones of the old generation games. But at the same time it is so addictive that it is today’s young people’s liking. The essence of the passage – eating apples or virtual points, with a consequent increase in snakes. The longer the snake, the more difficult it becomes to gain precious points. It is so popular that the developers on Android and iOS created a bunch of copies that allow you to enjoy it, not only with the old Nokia.

4) Doodle Jump
A newer version of Doodle Jump’a has been optimized for Android recently. Jumping man gained its popularity from the time of Symbian, and since then has not lowers the speed. The meaning of the game is useless and hones you any useful skills – simply need to jump from step to step, without coming into contact with different monsters. Very simple, but incredibly attracting program.

5) iBeer
Stupid app will appeal to beer lovers. Smartphone screen turns into a glass of beer, which will be filled and overflowing beer at a time when you twist it. His trick is that you can choose different types of beer and pretend as if smashed display. It is useless, but sometimes funny.

6) Bubble Wrap
Remember as a child we loved to burst bubble wrap because of technology? So you can now do so using your mobile. Enjoy your favorite sounds and emotions that you are guaranteed! Bursting bubbles and have 8 kinds of achievements for it. Incidentally, the production of this film recently banned, so the more you will not be able to experience the feelings that earlier.

7) 2048
Another attracting game that takes your time killer. At first glance, it seems harmless, but if you get to the core – you zalipnite for a few hours. The meaning of the puzzle game is to connect the two squares of the same value, until you have 2048 or more points. With that it is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. It makes no sense, but much killing time.

8) Angry Birds
One of the most popular applications in the world for good reason included in our rating. It is very interesting, but at the same time senseless. It is worth it to you to run – a lost evening is guaranteed. Thanks to this game, the developers of the platform became wildly rich people, and can provide a comfortable old age for themselves and their children. Our Doctor – Dr. Tapport The essence of the program is to bring down the barriers birds and pigs who are hiding in them.

9) The Impossible Game
Some applications are not only attractive but also annoying at the same time. One of them – The Impossible Game. The more you lose, the more you want to spend time there in the future. It is necessary to jump through the thorny obstacle and land on the square cubes.

10) Specimen
Last on our list – Specimen. At first glance, at boot time, you feel that this program is to test color blindness. But this is not the case. The idea is to as quickly as possible to the plate to reveal the figure, which corresponds to the background color. Pretty simple and unusual at the same time very tightening.

The most unusual and strange invention

In the last century there were many useful and necessary inventions that changed the life of a person. But how much has been invented absurd and useless things that nobody even never used, except perhaps themselves the inventors of these masterpieces? Here are a few striking examples.

Facekini – face swimsuit
People who prefer to dress stylishly must evaluate. Mask in the form of hats, suspiciously reminiscent balaclava should emphasize your irresistibility, help transfer the heat of summer and protect against the harmful effects of the sun. The Chinese have already penetrated and did buy a novelty. Meet the Team Do not you think that this mode like a bank robber and shops?

Bra with reservoirs for storing drinks
Men who are interested in this invention, it will have to buy his lady. Drinks downloaded and used by a rather complex mechanism. The owner of this underwear is not threatened thirst, and yet it can be used to lure men, if it does not fill with water, and something stronger. The extent of your appeal will depend on the volume of the tanks. Downtown Condos The real godsend for some women.


Entertainment on the hand drive mechanism for the kicks on his buttocks
Maybe there are people who like to have fun in this way. Device for “samopinaniya” invented Joe Armstrong. With the help of hand pedals to entertain people drives the rear wheel, behind him. Wheel mounted on shoes made of soft flexible material. During one rotation – four pink. The frequency of interaction with the shoe fifth point depends on the speed with which the pedal themselves entertained.

How to win the championship title in all endeavors

No person who has no dreams. But some are being implemented, while others somehow not. According to psychologists and experienced trainers, from the word “I want” and “do” often lies a huge gap. Maybe you just need to learn the system, how to achieve their goals. This book will be a great help, “Golden Rules”, written by a coach of multiple Olympic champion Michael Phelps – Bob Bowman. Following the recommendations, you can achieve gold in all its endeavors, no matter what, you are swimming in the pool, working in the office or are acting in concert halls. So, what it needs to do? cleaning service Madison

Gain confidence
Confidence that all you can afford to allow to move mountains. In order to confidently pursue their desire to need three simple points:

clear concrete plan,
the thrust constant work,
incredible desire, which are a sign of burning eyes. computer repair Madison
It is difficult to distinguish from the three most important conditions, they work by connecting everything together. So do all the people who seek to conquer the top of desires: first give a global goal, and then divide it into smaller steps, and gradually overcome the difficulties arise. Achieving an Olympic gold in everyday life.

Follow the rules worked out by Bob Bowman
Bob Bowman began to develop the rules of success when Phelps was still 10 years old He checked, and then run in the basic provisions of the golden rules. Under the guidance of coach has grown a lot of other athletes, listened to his advice people not related to sports. The basic postulates of Bowman are the following statements:
First, you need to decide the most important dream;
Second, break it down into milestones; dentist Madison
Third, focus on the planning of actions to be carried out during the day, then a week, one month, and so on;
Fourth, regular work, but not pereuserdstvuya.
One wishes, and their own efforts are not enough. There are important and support of loved ones and personal perception of life and the ability to overcome stressful situations. Those basic conditions that do not allow give up after the first failures, helping to stand up and gather strength, when it seems that nothing will come of it.

Create an image of target
creating imaginary objectives often used in psychology. stylist Madison The ability to focus on her dream, attracting the most colorful pictures of its implementation, can ignite even the embers. You should configure your internal compass to the specified image ultimate goal. He will move to it.

Do not stray from the course, but sometimes it is correct
Towards a big goal every possible branch, temptations may arise. They should understand, endure or overcome, and gathered his strength, continue to move to the top of the target. The rate adjustment is not anything dangerous, the important thing is what will happen in the very end of the path.

Continue to work in spite of a bad mood or bad day
Living in a constant work – not an easy task. Here, even the most inveterate optimist may fail.  Interior Design Madison It is necessary to learn how to build their attitude, urging his own “I” in the positive aspects of the upcoming steps of affairs and events. To start is not very willing to engage in is with a smile, with the conviction that it is fun.

Tips for those who want to travel with your friends

For the upcoming holiday vacation should prepare thoroughly and seriously, especially if these days planned trip with friends. What could be more beautiful travel with like-minded people? However, it happens that instead of strengthening the ties of friendship, tourists are returning to the quarrel and enmity. Spontaneity – is wonderful, but we must not forget that for a long time and will have to closely interact with the people who have appeared together in a variety of situatsiyah. limo srevice Madison Kak do to trip has not led to sad consequences, but gave the joyful and vibrant positive memories ?!

1. Choose a companion. From someone with whom will travel to the success of the enterprise. Ideally, it should be well-versed in company with him, you have already spent a long time and received only positive emotions, you can easily adjust and predict its behavior.

2. discuss their expectations. Before a joint trip with fellow travelers need to figure out what regime of the day he prefers, for example, a night owl or an early bird it. dance studio Madison Where I would like to be placed: in a hotel or hostel. Which route each travel prefer that he wants to include in the visit. It is also important to ask about the habits of each other. After all, the quality of the trip, which houses few people pay attention, may occur in the journey with redoubled force.
3. To discuss the money issue. The most delicate and sensitive issue – money. As will be allocated expenses during the journey, on which vehicles will move, how and where to eat. All this is discussed in advance so as not to appear concealed resentment and negative feelings.

4. Allow time to be alone. Everyone wants to be periodically in seclusion. It is not necessary to insist that the companions were always together. It must be allocated time to enjoy a cup of coffee, reading books, games in the phone – the cause for which each of the tourists like to spend alone. Otherwise, there may come a surfeit of communication. spa service Madison

5. Be open to new acquaintances. Looping only his fellow traveler will likely to tensions. New meetings, dating expand the circle of contacts, help to practice the language, get to know local people and their way of life and revive a joint vacation.

6. Take care of neighbors. Feeling companion depends on careful attention to him. It should show more respect for the needs and interests of the other, sometimes even sacrificing their own. window repair Madison The compromise helps to build good relations and the balance of two or more persons.

7. Be flexible. Going on a trip, be prepared to change plans. If you do not like the arrival of the city, adjust the route and go to the next point. The main task of the trip – to relax and get a positive emotional charge.

Following the simple and unpretentious tips, you can make your trip a memorable and truly bond with your friends. The experiences of adventure will be the basis of your common history and will warm memories. pet grooming Madison

With served to the table at Christmas around the world?

Christmas is a special time for people around the world. The holiday is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. Today we will talk about what should be served to the table at Christmas around the world. cleaning service Madison

n Germany, served to the table cakes with candied fruit – Stollen. At Christmas, here to drink mulled wine. Stoll – is a cake which has an oblong shape. It is worth noting that the Germans were preparing these muffins a few weeks before the start of the holiday and it only improves the taste of Stolle.
In Bulgaria people are fasting. To the table served soups and pastries stuffed with vegetables.
At Christmas, the British eat their famous pudding, which is impregnated with brandy and set on fire. The dish is very tasty and fragrant. computer repair Madison
The Italians on the table there are seafood, cod, clams, anchovies, squid.
In France, Christmas dinner is served lobster, duck liver and oysters. This is the most traditional in the country.
In Sweden, preparing rice pudding with a surprise. In one of several portions put almonds. The Swedes believe that the person will fall portion of a surprise to be happy for a year.
Residents of Costa Rica prepare the gala dinner of pork. Recipe meat dishes passed down from generation to generation.
In Ethiopia accepted to cook chicken stew, which have taken arms. It does not use the traditional forks and knives Europeans.
In Australia, the holiday falls on a summer, so that the residents of barbecue with lamb and turkey. To the table is usually served shrimp. dentist Madison
In Ghana, prepare corn pudding, rice, roast with okra, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes called “fufu”.
Christians who live in Egypt, fasting 3 days before Christmas. To the table served “kushari” – a dish of pasta, lentils and rice, seasoned with tomato sauce and vinegar.
In India, usually served to the table or curry Biryani, which are considered traditional local dishes. milk “kheer” pudding served at the end of dinner.
At midnight, the people of the Philippines served to the table piglets, which is decorated with cheese.
Icelanders sit down at the table as early as 6 o’clock in the evening and eat a variety of meat. stylist Madison
In Argentina usually served veal with tuna sauce, pork, turkey and bread.
Finns prefer ham, fish, bread, vegetables, and drink mulled wine – mulled wine.

Why is it so difficult to choose a gift?

Every person in life there is a situation where for some triumph have to choose a gift for friends and relatives. Sometimes, the selection process becomes a true torment. It is almost impossible to make the right choice. Today we will talk about how to choose the right gift, so it really came to taste close. interior design Madison

You’ve probably received a gift in life that does not want to receive. For the case come from sociologists who conducted a survey and found out the principles of bad gifts. The main problem lies in the fact that the recipient and the giver of gifts look at the situation differently. One side focuses on the presentation of gifts as a useful thing, and the other picks up the surprise, which should please and to bring a person into raptures. The main interest of the giver is present only to surprise the person. A gift recipient is interested in how it will use the donated thing in the future. That is why many people get the useless gifts.

For example, the washing machine. dance studio Madison Such a gift you can give a loved one, you are well aware of the tastes. This item can be used for many years and even more so, it is useful in the household. It turns out that washing machine, iron, hair dryer and vacuum cleaner – it’s good gifts that do not cause delight in the first few seconds of delivery.

Here, you should not buy your friends and family:

The gift, which the recipient is not asked, but you still want to buy something that is, in your opinion, should make him a delight. But, the future gift recipient told you about their preferences and has hinted that he wanted to get, but you still came in their own way.
Are you planning to buy a standard and universal gift, and the recipient expects something universal and original. spa service Madison
Give useless things that are not exactly come in handy. That is what causes dissatisfaction or frustration in gifts.
How to make the right gift?
There is only one way to make the right gift – is to put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. We give gifts to loved ones to please. Do you want to see the smile on the face of his friend at the time of delivery of a present? Give him a really useful thing that it is useful and of which he dreamed. Present may not cause admiration, but will be enjoyed by the recipient, who will use the gift for many years. window repair Madison

The device, which helps to adjust the application of makeup

Max Factor »- a world-renowned cosmetics company – founded Factorovich Maximilian, who was born in 1877 in Poland, then part of the Russian Empire. His first shop he opened in the city of Ryazan, and then moved to Moscow, where he gradually achieved the status of the supplier of the royal family, and in 1904 emigrated to the United States.
Having lived first in New York, he moved to the West Coast, where he started a small business for the production of cosmetics, which comes to Hollywood. It soon became the leading supplier Factorovich makeup for the film industry. This was largely thanks to his discoveries: in 1914 he came up with a lipstick, not melting under the hot spotlight that has been a godsend to Hollywood makeup artists. Also among his inventions: waterproof cosmetics, brush for powder and lipstick tube with a brush for mascara, round powder box, raschesochka eyebrow, liquid tone cream, pale pink lipstick and a steady, natural shades and shadows of many other “stuff.” pet grooming Madison
The device, which helps to adjust the application of makeup.

In 1935, Max Factor opened his’ Hollywood studio makeup Max Factor. ” The opening ceremony is considered one of the most famous Hollywood parties. It was attended by all the stars at the time, and each has left an autograph on a huge “Sheet of Fame”, which is now considered the most complete collection of autographs of celebrities of the time.
The word (or rather, the reduction) «makeup» also came up with Maximilian Factorovich.
After the death of Max Factor in 1938, his work was continued by the son of Frank, who changed his name and became known as Max Factor, Jr.. In honor of Max Factor laid a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Faktrum warns that excessive love of fast food – it is bad, but worse – excessive love drink fast food coffee. If you ate fatty foods, and then drank a cup of espresso, the level of sugar in your blood immediately rises to the heights typical for people with diabetes risk. cleaning service Madison
Canadian researchers from the University of Gelfa conducted a study in which a group of healthy men given to drink a cocktail of fatty lipids (very appetizing, does not it?), To simulate the processes occurring in the body after consumption of fast food. A few hours later some of them have a sweet drink. sugar level rose to 32% compared with those who did not drink the beverage.
But really stunning results scientists obtained when subjects made a few hours after the fat cocktail drink a couple of cups of espresso. After another hour the poor man also received a sugary drink. The level of sugar in their blood jumped as much as 65%! This means that the harm from ingested you on hamburger lunch is maintained throughout the day, preventing the body to properly digest food adopted much later. computer repair Madison

The Blue Marble

The first person who was able to make a “photographic” snapshot constant, that is, to fix the image was Joseph Niepce. The very first in the history of photography is considered to be a picture “View”, dated 1826 year. Image exposition lasted 8 hours. dentist Madison
2. The first color photograph in Russia published in “Notes of Russian Technical Society.” It captures Leo Tolstoy.
Leo Tolstoy in “Notes of the Russian Technical Society

3. The first rolkasseta – one of the prototypes of the modern film – which was placed svetochustvitelnoy 12 sheets of paper, and, respectively, and 12 shots, weighed 15 kilograms.
4. Camaya oldest in the world the camera was sold at auction in Vienna in 2007, at the same time setting an absolute record and becoming the most expensive camera ever sold at auction. Rarity called “Daguerreotype Sussat brothers» (Daguerrotype Susses Freres) was sold for nearly eight hundred thousand dollars. The starting price is 100 000 euro.
Daguerreotype Sussey brothers

5. In 1878, invented a technology that allows to fix the frame on the photographic film, almost without any delay. After 3 years, an employee of the American military institute was given the task to destroy the useless donkey, and the military decided to do it with “for the benefit of science” – to blow up the donkey’s head and fix it quick snapshot. The detonator explosives tied to a donkey was at the same time connected to the camera shutter. The experiment was a success: the machine accurately recorded the moment of explosion a donkey head. stylist Madison
Moment of the explosion donkey head

6. The famous picture of Einstein with his tongue hanging out was made in 1951 on the birthday physics. Einstein gave her the leading scientific and popular programs, Howard Smith, and wrote on the back of the card: “You will like this gesture, because it is the whole of humanity.”
Albert Einstein

7. In the first place in the Top 10 most expensive pictures of the world is anonymous work of Richard Prince of the series “Cowboy”, pushed in 2008 for 3.401 million dollars.
Richard Prince – Cowboy

8. Camera “Changing the symbol” used by Soviet climbers during the ascent of Everest in 1982; the camera back from the expedition in good condition and now stored at the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow. interior design Madison
Change symbol

9. The famous American photographer Matthew B. Brady was the first man who took a picture of himself, that is. E. Made a self-portrait.
10. William Thompson performed the first underwater photos using a camera mounted on the bottom. The pictures were of very poor quality. Made near Veymonta, UK.
Underwater photography William Thompson

11. The first picture, which depicts a fully illuminated Earth, known as «The Blue Marble» ( «Blue Marble”) and was made December 7, 1972 the spacecraft command Apollo 17. The sun was behind the Earth, at a time when photographed, and The land is completely covered.

The Blue Marble
12. The first “photographic” was made of asphalt. More precisely, a copper or glass plate was coated asphalt varnish.
13. For the first time to retouch photos and on request to make them “color”, which was achieved by coloring with watercolors, began in 1840.
14. In early cameras speed of the central gate was low, so shooting moving objects used valves with moving shutters. However, it is not perceived as a defect – it was believed that such images could not be better emphasize agility and speed. Later, that’s why the artists of comics and cartoons often depicted cars with oval wheels.
15. The French singer during the occupation performed in prison camps in Germany, after which was photographed for memory with them and the German officers. Then in Paris prisoners face cut out and pasted in false documents. Piaf went to the camp to visit again and smuggling of these passports, with which some prisoners managed to escape. dance studio Madison