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Facets of cynicism

They irritate incorrigible romantic and melancholic. They are making love, because she did not believe. They are not looking for communication, they themselves come. Just because cynicism – it is useful to adult.┬áSponsor of my post site

We next (fourth) date, everything is just beginning. It is there, holding my hand, as always without flowers,

I asked with bouquets did not come, I thought that I would look silly and trite, walking have become a common feature of boyfriend.

– I so easily to you, I want to see you again. We rozstayemosya. I wonder. Why? With me everything is clear, everything about myself, dentist Madison In love with yourself … And his words as they are sincere? It takes time, and in a candid interview he admits: – Since you do not need to pretend do not need something, someone to represent. It was a meeting, after which my life were the colors! I even remember the time before marriage, as did bright not. With already 21, not parted on longer than sixty days, it is hard to understand, but not tired of each other, even though together most of the time umudryayuchys not swear, and do not argue.

I argue stop after five minutes when I see no result, I will not make friends with the right person, just as I need, I always do just what I want, and not what should be the opinion of others. I did not care about the opinion of others, but also depend on them will not, I never offended, I make conclusions. I accept this man as it is, but when I have to communicate something does not suit, talking openly about the problem. If the limo service in Madison is perceived, not talk. I never cry, especially on a film or a book without emotion perceive any problem, do not raise a voice, and when rude – do not swear, replied bitingly.

I get hard to believe in omens, and you can not wash and sew on weekends. I am open, optimistic, friendly, do not lie and do not condemn. Deceives extremely rare, and while it seems to me that everything written on my forehead, I was terribly bad a condition, a condition when you lie. Always trying situation for themselves, like I did. It is easier to find the right answer. But what sense, you ask? I am certainly not a robot, right now I want to talk about the earth.

How do I cynical?

It so happens that philosophy is in people ceasing to be unattainable for mere mortals comprehension. It is most accessible and understandable, since losing the usual depth and scope, as it was then confused the concepts and terms. It is difficult to say cynical – a curse or a compliment. Rather go fine line, and objective, sober view of things is moral laxity.

So who they are. This concept is all on hearing, but a typical example cynic portray difficult, and no wonder, because there are many facets of cynicism.

The cynicism and rudeness
You can be rude, but it will not be considered cynical, and can manifest cynicism, but not rude. For example, you sit at the table and silently chew nedosolenyy salad, and only a cynic would say: – If posolyly salad, it can be used. Someone from England said: “The cynicism – it is humor in a bad mood.”

The cynicism and cruelty
Cynicism traditionally involves cruelty, but sometimes without the hard work to help people, such as doctors. They have for the most part to be so, otherwise difficult to realistically look at the problem without emotions accurately diagnose. info

Cynicism and your arrogance
Selfishness is invincible, but that an injection of excessive selfishness does not exist here and is born arrogance. For all of that going around – secondary.

Everyone has the right to think, worrying about their own benefit. But most cares about others and is indignant at the injustice of the world. For example, comes a young fellow, and in a short time has a leading position. There is an explanation. In fact, he knows the job can replace any employee, with no one to gossip, because he his range of interests, disciplined. After raising he did not plan to stay in this job, for it is only a step long ladder.

– I have enough of their problems – I never worry that God is not all equally awarded intellect

The cynicism and honesty
Boundless honesty – are cynicism. If you call a spade a spade, there will be less confusion. It’s hard to tell the truth, not skryvdyvshy with the man, but sometimes may have the advantage if, as a sense of humor. It is also useful to learn not to express their opinion on any subject, be as cautious listener.

One girl told about the death of the beloved parrot that does not fit into the rotation, and fell into the boiling soup.

Cynicism and indifference
You’ve probably met such, he is indifferent to the feelings of others – and this is not good, but if it ignores other people’s shortcomings indifference and stupidity, the tolerance of flaws can even be attributed to the merits.

She rebuked her boyfriend: – You do not want me to be there, not invited, do not call. They are together for two years and did not let him go a step without leaving personal space. Silent, given looks in the eye. In response – a protective reaction: – I want to live in peace, with you or without you. Only without scandals. Choose.

I like proper mother always repeated to his son, that he may learn, listening vapor teacher … teacher strenuously explained at the board theme, carefully written, but … himself. Students going about their business … It is good, competent teacher, indifferent, but not cynical. He equally, or understand it, hear …

Cynicism and suffering
This is a condition where people bravely overcomes difficulties with their portion accepts misfortune of destiny. Its fate, whatever it was accepted calmly, as if to make a cynical act at the height of emotion, only upholdest suffering. This is a defensive reaction to mental suffering.

The cynicism and loneliness
As has become fashionable now to be independent, free in his actions. Minimum liability or obligations or moral debts.

– Whom can get married here, around some monsters!

Cynicism – not an end in itself, but only way to achieve happiness, if not the right time to abandon its principles, we can live life suffering, and cursing their independence.

Of course, cynics each representative team has a more polished facet, living under the laws of most people his philosophy facilitates a way of life. They are not very demanding partner, not scandal and do not like long showdown in any extreme situation rationally argue, often assume the worst of events, and when such an option is not realized, satisfied smile, it was possible!

There are undeniable drawbacks, such as extra practicality and prudence then completely eliminates romanticism soul. in life. In personal relationships, when the second half incorrigible romantic, a cynic and a wise man, she finds a middle ground, objectively assessing their tverdolobist, couples develop harmoniously complementing each other.

Most cynicism – swearing, but maybe it’s time to look at the underside of the colorful canvas of human qualities?