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Feel the fullness of life

We are ready to work, walk to the store, plan, and hasten delay –

intense, modern, everyday life. How long we live consciously

every minute, every limo service in Madison of our lives? And yesterday? Last week?

– After the New Year so spun, Easter .. Trinity … it’s time to collect their children to school. No, vacation! I mean first of September … Ooop – la!

The future always attracts us, fascinating for its prospects. For it we we labor all day without knowing sleep and rest, indulge in the joys of tiny dentist Madison, overcome difficulties and inconveniences and always waiting, hoping for the best. Because, after such bad weather, just run these difficulties begin real life!

Too often, people. so concerned about his future, which today is for them only a dress rehearsal for future major events.

The real life starts when:
– Rich,
– Make a career,
– Marry,
-‘ll Leave,
– Go on vacation,
– When children grow up,
– When I’m slim,
– I will bring novel
– Change work
– Rozvedusya,
The reasons may be very different. The main thing that a man lays his life after spending time creating appropriate ground for the future. The pursuit of cherished goals – it is very useful and necessary, but when day turns to high expectations of important events, life can go by, life will be delayed.

In such a state of pent-life person leaves the most important thing for the future, mainly filling their existence full concentration on one goal, letting the other side of life, or rather minor events, other people’s goals, hoping for a miracle.

Who can live on the station? People vidkladayutsvoyezhyttya at once, there are such categories.

Those who knows exactly what he wants to see the future, and is fanatically to their goal, not paying attention to what is happening around. For example, workaholic, totally obsessed with his career, does not allow itself no rest, no privacy, no friends.

He thinks he can relax, but to achieve the goal, and even then his life will be all. Unfortunately, while he cares about material wealth, his family and close friends, so offended by his indifference, gradually moving away from it.

In my life this man sees only job. But life really so short that when he reaches his goal, whatever he wanted, could become not so necessary.

Another type is also fully concentrated, but the others’ purposes, and its repeatedly postponed. For example, a woman may think that their weight will necessarily when children grow up a little, then it will entertain hopes that necessarily make a career … when children finish college.

Or unhappy married woman can not throw a man because he’s afraid that he lost without it, that’s waiting, he will find another better paid job. Behind this is the fear of failure, and as a result – reluctance to take responsibility for their own lives. It is much easier to live other people’s goals and dreams.

And then there is the type that expects a miracle. They are working on the job, which is considered a transit point for finding them worthy. That’s when work and then they heal really!

If their personal life does not match the ideals they continue to exist, but also the amount of anguish, waiting for the same will be the perfect man, paint the their boring life.

These people do not live, and waiting for the moment when you can start living for real.

Do you live in the present?
Dreams and reality are symptoms, which can be easily recognized deferred life.

nayspravdiOriyentatsiya feel the fullness of life for the future, as the most important part of life, the life division for the period between expectations and rewards.

The perception of the events occurring in today as preparatory, secondary.

Avoiding philosophical thoughts (of purpose in life, self-realization, etc.) or too strong immersion in reflections that are not supported by actions.

Feelings of anxiety, discomfort, discomfort in the situation when manifested own talent or just a tendency.

Serious difficulties in setting goals for their own achievements.

The tendency to complacency – It is necessary to wait for the Future – The difficulty now, for the sake of reward (release) in the future.

The propensity to savings accumulation.

Increased interest in others’ lives.

You do not live with “the man” does not work on “the job” and going to the same end, but always something interferes.

Problems in the manifestation of emotions. The desire to suppress meaningful experiences.

Attempts to take responsibility for the events that created and held with other people.

The desire to control life emotionally important people.

Saturation emotional life feelings of guilt and shame.

Displacement thoughts of loneliness.

Why do so many people put off living? The reason is psychological benefits:
– Avoid real issues and conflicts, replacing them with “overcome difficulties on the way to the future.”
– Ability to avoid responsibility for their own lives, troubles and difficulties associated with the achievement of their goals.
– Ability to avoid the full mobilization of forces needed to achieve real goals – life “vpivsyly.”
– Ability to avoid emotional intimacy – without emotional life perehruzok.
– Ability to live in illusion.
To return to the now, live in dreams?
– Strive for lofty goals need useful. But think about the future only as a point on the line, towards which you are planning today.
– The maximum short-term planning is the first step toward reality most eventful. Just consider all aspects of life.
– Remember that life – not a dress rehearsal. Whenever you want to delay something then ask yourself the question: “Who else but me? When, if not now?” Only the combination of words “now” and “I” helps to feel the fullness of life.
– Improve your day, do what the dream right now. In the future, we get only what sown in today. If you are unhappy with your work, or change it, or vice versa maximum Focus on activities that drive – take the initiative, get creative, be better, at least you will have additional free time.
– All you can do today, do it! Live this day as if you have everything you need for a happy life. Use all the chances and opportunities that you fall, do not put them on later.
– Remember that this day – the most important and the only real thing you available all the improvements can only happen in it.
– Every action – is the choice between himself and others. Ask yourself whose interests dictated it, why, and most importantly, for whom it is intended.
Most consider their own needs and desires. Remind yourself that events in the life of even the most expensive people do not replace events in your life. Besides giving your life to another person, you not only lose themselves, but also prevent it.

– In order to help the other, do not let him be a victim. Do not take responsibility for his actions, help it develop its target.
– Distinguish cooperation and manipulation. In the first case each, along with others, reaches its goal. In the second – someone just starting to work on the other.
– Release your feelings. Does not distort relationships, isolating them from reality. Express your emotions at once, do not wait for later.
– Be honest with yourself you, Admit that you do not like in your life and change it.
– Learn to focus on what you do, not on what is already done or will do. Completely immersed in what you do in the moment and make it as good as possible.
– Rejoice life now gives people the love, care and attention today, not waiting for the right moment.
– Write a list of what you like or want to do. What with that, you can
do right now? Probably to make many wishes do not need anything but


There are going to – act.

Outlined a plan – make the first step.
It all starts with small things. Why look good, look after themselves when the next “no man”? Why take the initiative and strain if it is “not the job?” It turns out that in life nothing changes, as time goes on. Waiting, waiting …

Unfortunately no expectation brings us to the future. Only robs, takes our pain and our radist.Vse real – reduces nanits.

Our life.
Overtakes only thing that is. Today. Now.