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How to learn not to worry and live happily ever after?

Swedish proverb says that everyone comes to self-destruction in various ways, and one of them – is a concern.

Most people are very worried for the family or a career in these moments in their mind creates various negative scenarios in which a cleaning madison. In this case the alarm is transformed into a sort of worm that sharpens a man like Dutch cheese and gradually leave power.

First of all, experts recommend to focus on the current real moment, is “now” and “here.” The largest number of alarming experiences and inspired by the idea that in the future can bring this or that situation. If all the time to think about it and think negatively, then nothing good it will not. Even worse is on if a similar situation had you in my life in the past and it always remember and compare. Do not always dentist Madison¬†about it and imagine the future in a negative way, because this is worse, moreover, it significantly weakens the nervous system.

Experts in this area recommended to think about today. If during the day negative thoughts or anxiety will come again to you, you should stop, sit down for a few minutes. Just, focus your thoughts on today’s real days, because “tomorrow” will not go anywhere.

It’s easy to drive off into the past or into the future, so we need to return to reality, for example, when it’s negative opinion, should talk limo service madison you do in particular at the time. It should be said at the hearing: “I paint the floor” (or what you are doing at the time) and immediately thought back to reality.

Every time the tides are such negative thoughts, you should ask themselves the question, how many times was fulfilled what they feared? Should I think about is experience and if is only thought and imagination? It is said that in fact most things are so afraid of people, just not implemented in reality, so it is not necessary for this to focus their attention.

Of course, it is always easier and easier to say than to do, but is nevertheless set itself a clear goal to live a reality should not worry and worry, besides many worries simply not carried out and a man casts over the bar in the alarm.

Before you undergo a strong emotion, we should calmly think about how you can actually affect the current situation to be able to change it. In each case, there are two ways – either you can not change anything and not have to compel myself or should stop worrying and start to change and act.