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How to remove fatigue at work?

Often workflow leads to fatigue such that even the common thing is not up to the task. Sometimes just need to say it’s time to relax!

According to sociological studies of office workers spent the day around 3:00 in empty talk, smoke breaks, tea, coffee. more

We did not call for such a holiday, but rather want to recommend some useful ways to reduce fatigue on the job competently.

From repetitive work will save you time and a clear division of their forces. Starting time, select the range of cases. Performing complex work plan in the morning, while capacity increased.

But some need a small morning “warm-up”, so do small tasks to gain momentum.

Coming to work is not just arrange the order on cleaning service in madison, leave the time when you want to relax a bit. Agree with colleagues on the morning of the break that will give more optimism during any activity.

Remove fatigue at work helps relaxation – relaxing pose with eyes closed and beautiful views of paradise. But not always in a noisy office, at the table, engulfed documents can dream about the seaside.

Therefore, use a more simple way, crossword puzzles, puzzles, read poetry, listen to quiet music. So you can relax and have a regular supply of energy. By the way, the researchers found that such classes reduced brain activity. read here

To relieve fatigue at work and encourage thought, do head massage. Walk your hands from forehead to nape, like “prychisuyuchy” make at least 30 times. If not interfere with hair, massage still “washing” motion.

Such exercises are doing during the day several times. Fatigue well remove the massage the temples in three fingers, movements should be circular.

If you sit all day at a computer, be sure to pause every hour for 15 minutes.

You can chat with colleagues, drink tea / coffee etc. And relieve fatigue at work helps charge your eyes. Here are some exercises:

– Strongly close your limo service in Madison, then open wide;

– Turn the eyes in different directions;

– A couple of minutes pomorhayte;

– Massage your eyelids closed without pressing eyeballs;

– Often close my eyes during the day for a few minutes.

Body numb from sitting long? Often get up, walk around the office, do some exercises.

For example, make a circular motion back, rotate feet, make a circular motion with his hands, follow a few twists case. info

Restore performance and reduce fatigue, drowsiness help essential oils of lemon, cinnamon and rosemary, jasmine and lavender herbs.

For example, in Japan, offices specially flavored inspiring flavors. In Europe, many of them are small bags of herbs. Can you sew and fill jasmine and lavender. And when you feel sleepy or tired, take out your bag and Sniff your health! read more

Rest competently and helpful!