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Indeed his desire and purpose

This is our life. For weeks months we humbles himself all sorts of diets, tired to exhaustion yoga, shaping, fitness. But the weight she once again recruited and used by her friends or club

tell that we are concerned. A familiar picture, right?

Dentist in Madison our imaginary but not fantastic character.

It is time, and imagined she realized that this so-called overweight, it did not prevent anitrishky, and even rounded symptychna! And then she wondered – Why me all these torments? Why do I want to weigh 52 kilos? What is the size of 42 is better than 48? The first answer lay on the surface. But she put a question – who told me limo service in Madison I should …? It turned out that the desire to have the model parameters arose during her love in a young man who considered attractive only skinny girls, and other treated lightly. And they even had a romance, after which our heroine is left in the sense of inferiority …

The other girl is in a similar situation mentioned that her mom always slender and sports, said his daughter from childhood, loving and voiced just fine and thick woman only need to carry bags.

And another girl, full of childhood lost weight to prove his boys – classmates that she did not “trust-promsosyska-meat.”

Sadly? I – yes. I myself was in a situation when you want to achieve something that you turns out, is not required. Running away somewhere, running away, trying to put forward language … And the result is not happy. Sadly the finish is … read

Alien goal is:
– Always violence on themselves, compulsion, duty;
– Imposed on fashion and prestige;
– Improvement is another’s well-being (if not bringing improvements in life goes, it is not for you. But the real goal is always working for you, the prosperity and success);
– Causes heart discomfort;
– Usually very attractive – from delight to paint all sorts of advantages. But if all the attractiveness purpose oppresses you something, you must be sincere this goal – not yours;
– Requires too much energy and time (if on the way to the goal you are making all efforts trudytesya without inspiration and tired, it turns out, is alien to the purpose or not you lomytesya its doors);
– You go to it, overcoming many obstacles.

In contrast, over the above, your goal – that’s what brings you pure pleasure. No temporary pleasure, and that gives a sense of joy of life. Can not say that the movement to its goal always easy. The main thing is that this movement have not devastating, but rather of strength. Obstacles pereboryuyutsya, and work is not exhausting. You do not have to persuade yourself when your goal. It is nice to go, and the process of achieving it brings joy.

I think we have reflected on the truth of their desires. For accurate answers to these questions suggest you two exercises to test their goals.

satisfaction of achieving metyPersha exercise – you need to ask yourself: “Why am I grow thin (hunger, murder itself difficult exercise – substitute his)? Do I really need this? For me? Who told me that I need this? Who told me that I should be lean and … “.

The second exercise – imagine that you have reached the goal. You good or bad? If pleasure mixed with fear or feeling of burden, heart felt discomfort should communicate with another purpose?

Attention third plus exercise – for example, following the first two exercises, you work out, lose weight that you want it! Perfectly!

The answers are ready for use, and your sincere intentions cheerful and joyful mood will be your sign that you’re on your and on the right track.