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Jealousy – how to fight it

First of all, you need to find out what you are most afraid of: severance of relations with a partner to remain one, experience a sense of humiliation, etc. After that, you need to understand whether Is there limo service in Madison for jealousy or a “familiar” you state? In this case, you can make yourself some ways to reduce sensitivity.

Method 1: In descending order, write a list of what is causing your jealousy (from the strongest to the weakest). Lying on the couch during meditation music, try to relax, and in this state, imagine all the situations on the list since the last. Move to the next item you need only when you learn to stay relaxed, representing less harmless situation. here more

Method 2: Pretend as if you do not know the feeling of jealousy. How to fight it in this case: If you will behave like a person completely nerevnyvyh, then soon you will be able to perceive themselves as such. Using this method is difficult to completely get rid of this feeling, but this way you can establish a relationship with a partner is jealous behavior annoying half. click

Method 3: Here you need to have a partner – the object of jealousy. He should call you every hour, and you owe it to report your location. In addition, you will share in the coming plans to partner can call for a work phone and at home. This method makes it possible to stay jealous object of jealousy, irritation felt by continuous monitoring and experience a sense of peace and relief when control ends.

Using these methods can raise a restraint, thoughtfulness and quiet and understand his jealousy, how to fight it and tame it.

Types of jealousy

Dentist in Madison are by nature jealous, the only contrast is the degree of jealousy that they planted. Therefore, some jealousy – a nice display of feelings for others – the pain and disappointment.

Appearance of jealousy depends on the nature of man. Yes, egocentric, stubborn, oppressive people believe that the partner “given” them for their own well-being and satisfaction. They are trying to tie him to her and usually find tyranycheskuyu jealousy.

Distrustful jealousy peculiar people insecure, prone to exaggeration trouble, incredulous. They are in a constant state of “sleep” betrayal partner. read here

Often married own unreliability proetsyruemoy a cause for jealousy. Man begins jealous “in advance” for the future.

The object status jealousy can be a partner, and another value: the situation in the team, a family. There is a fear of losing status as a result of unity.

Unravel the nature of jealousy tried many philosophers and scientists, and only VI Dahl was able to give this phenomenon is reasonable explanation. The root of the word “jealousy” “tear”. Family of it “enthusiasm” desire to achieve something at any price, and “race” necessarily wish to become a winner. Indeed, everything is as it is, deeper essence of jealousy lies in competition, rivalry. Only the mind sometimes hinders us from animal behavior to not do something foolish.

At the same time, the human mind is the “worst enemy” on behalf of the imagination, which often shoved a rather unflattering picture of the already tense mind. This is where it all begins …
Jealousy – how to fight when you love?

The concept of love and jealousy intertwined, because often we hear: jealous – means love. However, in reality the two are totally contradictory. Jealousy can only claim when only love gives. Because relationships are built on the principle “you – me, and I – you” just doomed to failure, because in fact, is just a trade agreement.

Love generously, because true love – is, above all, trust. If you love – it means that you believe and do not believe – no love! info

So if jealousy causes you suffering, take one step toward the harmony with yourself and your partner, try not to be jealous. Persistent allegations, accusations, surveillance and harassed both sides to anything other than open conflict, not lead. And this is a direct way to break relations. Only a wise, honest to themselves and to their halves behavior help keep harmony in your relationship as well as inside.