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Problem of choice for women

I do not know a single person who has not been everyday problems. That work, the money, relationships and children. So without end and edge. All these problems take incredible energy, spoil the nerves and time. Is it possible

at least a little bit to reduce their impact?

We are faced with questions every minute choice: to go or not to call or not call, go or stay … Sometimes, a choice oh how difficult and yet dentist Madison of us will not do. Maybe the universe tells us, but we do not hear, so do not get answers to our questions.

But the good news is that all the answers are there and our Higher Self knows. We ourselves have planned all the problems and all possible solutions before our birth. Would you believe it or not, but it is.

What I do when I need to solve a problem? I appeal to your Higher Self and ask: – What I should know or do to solve this problem? And then I just limo service madison what happens. The answer always comes. This can be anything: a random phrase inscription somewhere or do something spontaneous desire. Maybe it will not happen immediately, but the response will be required. How to recognize it? In a sudden feeling of inspiration – Here it is! This is the answer.

Six years ago, in a very difficult period of my life when I did not know what to do, how to live and what I accidentally (although accidents do not happen) opened a book on positive thinking. It was in my time, but I did not pay it much attention. Opened it at the very difficult period. On the first page is clear – here’s what I need.

Another problem or another?
You have planned to do something to create, implement an idea. But do not know how.

Need to pick up on this theme as much information. All you’ll find. Then relax, let go of all thoughts on this topic and switch to something else. Give your Supreme I find the best solution. Again, you recognize it by sudden insight.

By the way, about this method used Einstein. He said that all the important discoveries come to him when he takes a shower.

Another tip. When you need to do something important, for example, stand somewhere, take a test or report, you must submit a successful ending of this: You are happy, you congratulate all … Do not think about how you will do it, what to say. The main thing – imagine clearly finals. For you it may be, for example, a conversation with the head of the salary increase. The principle is the same.

How can I use? Very simple, but reliable.
Do you know what is the intention? This – the desire, and with full confidence that everything will happen exactly as you conceived.

zhinokPryklad for the problem of choice. Everyone always comes across with the need to design some papers, meetings with officials expectation in queues for various references. Country not important – it is a problem everywhere. So before you go out somewhere for I intend to articulate. Aloud themselves say: – I am easy going and quiet …, quickly and without problems, no queues get … quietly and quickly finish their business and return home. I say so, but … There is one caveat.

When I utter these words, I have not the slightest doubt in the fact that it is so. I am absolutely calm and confident. Just saying it lets thoughts. I know longer think. The universe always tells us so. So, I just know that it will happen in my plan and desire.

As a result, I do not remember when I had problems. On stage I generally keep quiet. There where I go, no queues at all. But my husband always manages to get even long lines at the bank.

The same way, that the wording of intent, I apply in all situations, such as when a conflict at home. Just change my context and speak of peace and quiet in the house. The power of intention is a huge need to remember this and use this power in itself good.

A few years ago a friend of mine advised me to get answers as a method using water. That is when you need to solve a problem, she filled a glass of water and a couple of minutes before going to bed thinking about the problem, then uttered: – All that I need to solve this problem – a glass of water. Then drank half a glass and went to bed. In the morning, immediately after awakening, was finishing the remaining half, and was waiting for a decision or response.

I do not know who, but I have not approached this method. Therefore, I would like to point out that there is no universal method for all. We are all different and all unique. What works for one does not suit another. We must earnestly desire, and everything will be okay.