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Problems in the relationship of man and woman

At the reception, a psychologist, many women complain that they are very difficult, all in one voice say that do not understand for the life. One patient in the story of his life told a banal story, very typical for our country. stylist Miami

Marry came early for her classmate. No special romantic relationships were not, there was no special love. Stayed in school at the same desk, friends, seemed to each other relatives, and later married, relying more on habit than any calculation or love. And pregnancy has pushed to make a responsible step toward registrar. It would seem that the marriage arranged only parents who believed that fate should not play, and the rapid emergence grandson was taken with great enthusiasm. interior Miami

And then, like the thumb track decade lived. The woman was no need, it all arranged in a quiet marriage, and her husband broke down and went to another woman. Moreover, people have not forgotten about them, and helped warm communicate with the child. It would seem that everything is fine, but then it turned out that the problems were just beginning to haunt our heroine. limo Miami
When it went from a man had to re-learn to live without him, make friends, acquaintances, get a job and build life without man’s shoulder. When dealing with new people, she noticed that she had not made up with men.

Cleaning Service in Madison wanted the pain of loss is not allowed to enter into a serious relationship, but to live in a vacuum is also impossible. Therefore, men who appeared in her life were random people. The relationship did not last long, it ended itself in a month or two. No one invited her to a restaurant or a romantic walk. All communication was limited to the bed and a bottle of wine on the table. Whether curled from this life, limo Madison human warmth, caring, empathy. Nothing. The emptiness and hopelessness, and even nasty feeling that you just enjoy. The fate of many women in our country is similar to the fate of our heroine. Girlfriend accused her that she is guilty. And psychologists largely agree with them. We ourselves are building a model of behavior, and only we allow others to show respect to him certain feelings. Most of our men – men infantile. They are waiting for initiatives from women. They are commonplace in cases pass leadership and action for women. dance studio Miami

Our heroine, as she seemed, finally met her husband, whom she loved, and he seemingly felt it appropriate the same feelings. But their relations have developed on the subject that has traversed many women scenario. He did not call for weeks, not made itself felt, and appeared without warning at night and then disappeared for a long time, without explanation. spa service Miami With the advice of friends, she called him and suffered humiliation when he rudely replied by telephone that busy. It is difficult to understand what modern men want.

So, we can not force anyone to force myself to love. It’s humiliating. Not important stamp in the passport, of which many dream. These feelings can not buy and do not take a loan. Why treat men because women themselves to their pressure, excessive initiative made them so. more info