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Seeing the signs

What are the signs? People wit, reflected in figurative expression, a human experience, the ability to read signals heaven … Actually, it is not so important any prejudices. More importantly, the phenomenon of the signs there,¬†and do not reject people’s wisdom.

If a black cat perebizhyt road – to failure.
You can not laugh on Friday evening, for Sunday morning must pay.
Do not sit on the table – bad day is dentist Madison.
You can not take out the garbage at night – the money you are carrying.
Do not borrow money after sunset – not money.
If you meet a woman – for good luck.
You can not eat with a knife – is evil mother in law.
Do not lick the plate – the man is bald.
Of course, many signs just warned us to be careful. For example, do not eat with a knife. Logically! You can cut yourself.

Each person has their own system of signals, which takes its guardian angel. It is, believe me.

The universe was created for a specific order, law, ignorance of which does not release us from the unexpected limo service madison of fate. If you do not follow these laws violate them, you sure is exactly what teaches proper treatment.

Sometimes it may be some small syhnalchyky cups that broke, lost wallet, a chance encounter on the street, a strange adventure at precisely the time when you are going to an important meeting.

Do you happened is when everything falls out of the hands or, conversely, goes like clockwork? Perhaps you familiar situation when all seemed zhovorylys, preventing you to do some act.

There were times when such signals heavenly forces managed to prevent imminent catastrophe. At the last minute peredumuvav people suddenly go on a tour, or sixth sense prompted him or something suddenly prevented, and survived. A passenger plane, in which he had to fly died. What it is? Accident? Or pattern in which there is in this world every change.

We call this ability intuition, a sixth sense, a gift of Providence. It is not equally developed, but it can be trained. One has only to take a closer look in the world and he will answer all questions.

Have you ever fall into the same situation a few times? As if fascinated, you are giving money to the debt, in the hope that you will return them on time and in full, and the borrower is not in a hurry. The next time you forgive them and bad faith to help out again, shooting the last shirt. And of course expect similar behavior from them, and suddenly natykayetesya wall of indifference. Are you surprised your indignation and surprise no limits. And, meanwhile, you are guilty of this. It did not warn the beneficiary of its expectations. You thought it obvious.

To more clearly, a very clear signal, we must be careful not to trust people too, especially in such dishonest. But you still popadayetesya the same hook, making the same mistakes. If you are inattentive student, this situation will be repeated often. Moreover, each of the new interchange will be less and less fun.

There are people who had never worked, but for the time, lived in a big way only through the blessings of their relatives and friends. After refusing native pleminnychku or granddaughter? We refuse bad. We do not have any capitalists.

Why the time being? So as eventually circle of people who sponsor relatives in need is becoming narrower and debt level grows and sucks deeper. He borrows again and again to give his former creditors or restore credibility, sits this process, both the drug. And then, to repay victims seeking new dobrenkyh. And so infinitely more precisely to the same until the debt is not calculated in such large amounts that the debtor becomes the object of hunting. And to finish it all can be very sad if people do not come to its senses. All this carousel is nothing like signal that repeats itself, the problem to be solved. A vicious circle.

By the way, there is one very bright sign:
If you want to lose a friend, lend him money.

Another signal that must be able to read it when life throws up repeatedly like you people. Your new appears as two drops of water similar to the former husband. Or chiefs come across the same, like twins, with similar disadvantages. Why do you natykayetesya on the same problems in communication?

signs signal that is vamTomu not learned. So life can be for many years chained you to the greedy, brawlers, traitors … Until you finally realize that people with such traits and habits sent to you on purpose by some higher forces in order for you to understand something important about themselves, laws universe, vypravylysya if make a mistake or incorrect thought.

Strange, you think, because I’m not greedy, why do I always have to communicate with clam even in the face of her husband, mother in law, neighbors and even their own children. So just because you’re not that, considering themselves above other better. So life seems to harangue you pride, pride. Causes doubt that your virtue above all.

Celestial forces can play you in this way. They, unfortunately, are arranged events so that those features that you condemn in others, suddenly some miracle suddenly appeared in you. And, all around, and you in particular, it becomes so clear that you could not help’ll have to think about the consequences of their actions or view the world.

In severe cases, a person does not want to obey his deputies, they forced her to go through trials and suffering or loss. That it befell meaning of true human values. Did you meet people who completely changed after some important events in his life. As if born anew. And those who heard, said: disaster does not go one. Failure, like scabies, clinging to him and nibbles at heels.

If you can not change our minds signals in the course are more powerful ways. For example, disease – is not nothing but a warning of what happens to you something is not right and wrong. Can not think so. It may act contrary to the laws of the world.

And finally, if the person does not understand this warning, then dies. Her soul would have to go all the way again, purify and reach the appropriate level.

Listen to yourself. You can receive the information of higher powers in terms of a fatalist who believes in fate and is not trying to change the direction in which his life sailing the boat. And you can develop your soul, bring it to a higher stage of development to another embodiment of this does not go in a circle.

As? We must look closely to life and to trust your inner feeling. With internal dialogue with his soul can find answers to almost all of the most difficult life issues that confronts you reality.

Have you in the event of any difficulties in life to notice a treacherous desire to throw all the blame on her husband, friend, mother, children, neighbors, government, anyone? Take responsibility, in fact, very difficult. But we need. It is important that everything that happens to you, this is your problem and more draws. They need you. Your life, your mistakes, bruises lessons. Each of us lives only his, he designed a life and making only their individual errors and where learning.