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Who do women want?

It would seem rationally explain the criteria by which a woman chooses an object of love is difficult or impossible. One may describe the ideal image of a life partner and safely pass such a person. On the other hand, cleaning service in madison, formerly totally worried.

Psychologists say that among the many factors influencing our choice, there are a number of common, obvious things that affect interest in the opposite sex by age. Simply put, in every age idea of the perfect partner differs significantly.
When she 15 …
Somebody with classmates go to the disco or the park? Naturally, the strongest and physically attractive. Most teenage girls believe that boys physically developed the most intelligent, cheerful, sociable and kind. In psychology, this effect is called “halo effect.” In another, a teenager is a stereotype: nice – so good. Only with age comes the realization of the fact that there is no connection between the two can not exist. Eventually teenage girl realizes that she does not interesting from the narrow-minded handsome and begins to take into account other factors. dance studio Miami

20 years

Twenty years into the girl – a student or a young professional – is no longer so naive and trusting as a teenage schoolgirl. It already is, though dentist in madison, but their life experience, which builds and when choosing a partner. However, this choice affects quite unexpected factor – geographical proximity. The closer geographically living young man, the more chances he has to win the hearts of young beauties from the possibility of more frequent meetings. With age, the distance factor no longer play a significant role, but never completely disappears from the subconscious woman.


That affects a woman’s choice which little 30 much told evolutionary psychology. Most women in this age prefer slightly older partners themselves who have achieved something in life. However, at all while the woman can confuse male emotional interest in someone. Psychologists explain that fact that women in this age are thinking about the fact that her husband was first able to provide the family and puts a lot of effort into parenting. spa service Miami


With age comes the realization that the ideal man is one that is largely similar to his beloved. About these say – a husband and wife Satan. When two come from the same social class, with similar levels of education, limo Madison interests, attitudes, habits, the probability of disappointment in the partner very small. In this age are usually not there “unbridled passion” and comes to the fore the common interests and priorities in life.
Definitely, there are qualities that are valued regardless of age. For example, one of the last century, psychological research has shown that women of all ages more importance to such a partner as intelligence, social status, progress. In the list of desirable qualities elect women of all ages agree also that he should be kind, sympathetic and understanding.