Do I have to be frank with her husband or sometimes better to be silent

Each woman will sooner or later faces the dilemma of whether to be honest with her husband and whether to share with him all the secrets or something should keep a secret? Cleaning Service in Madison

Should keep secrets in marital relationships?

First, decide how acceptable in marital relationship secrets from each other. Of course, healthy relationship between husband and wife is based on trust and a certain degree of openness. These qualities allow you to bet successfully find compromise solutions and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the family. However, this does not mean that his other half should share all his thoughts. Conversely, there are situations in which excessive frankness of a man can only do harm. stylist Miami

The conclusion: a man should build trust, but excessive openness should be avoided.

What better umovchuvaty in conversation

In what situations should limo service in Madison caution when talking with a man? Consider the most pressing topics where sometimes better to be silent.

Former partners

The theme of past loved ones is one of the most unpleasant. Therefore, the right will not affect her in joint discussions. If for some reason you are in a conversation with her husband took to his former, carefully dose soobschaemuyu information. Do not indulge in memories and enumerate the merits of previous partner. Any comparison of men perceive extremely painful.

Relatives man

Even if you are not happy with the husband’s family, remember – it’s about people of your beloved. He loves them as what they are, even if your husband is well aware of their shortcomings.

His friends

Another topic is forbidden to communicate with people – his friends. Allow the man from time to time to meet with them – male enterprise single woman unable to replace. This does not mean that people change you friends – he just needed to communicate with them. It should also refrain from commenting on the appearance and personal qualities of his friends. dance studio Miami

Financial capacity wife

The situation when a woman earns more than her husband is always stressful for men. So remember that fact once again is not necessary. It is necessary to determine if such a balance of power not confused woman, then raise the subject is not worth it. If your husband is experiencing temporary financial difficulties, he needs your more moral support than the notation on earnings.

Situations in which you can not ignore

As it turned out, infinite openness in marital relations is unacceptable. Note that in family life there are situations in which silence plays a cruel joke on the contrary.

Own habits

Do not ignore some of his habits that can cause mixed reactions. For example, bad habits, listen to music at top volume, unusual hobbies, and so on. DA is much better when people have similar information and is able to assess whether he is ready for such passions of his life partner.

Photos and discontent

Any situation that makes you uncomfortable feelings and discomfort should be prohovorena husband. If you collect a dissatisfaction, it is a big risk once “explode.” And then nothing suspecting people (and in fact your silence was seen as a sign of well-being in a relationship) will be very surprised and even offended.

Sexual life

You also can not remain silent about the things that do not suit you in intimate relations with her husband. However, remember that your companions mandatory in such discussions should be the delicacy and softness. here more

This article was considered extremely difficult question: should a woman be too frank with her husband. The perfect recipe in this case does not exist, because each individual couple. However, we hope that on the basis of the above arguments, you take the right decision