Recipes for Music Lowers

The world in which we live is full of all kinds of sounds. Rustling leaves, thunder, murmur of the sea, the wind whistling, bestial growl, birds singing … These sounds are heard by the ancient people. He even learned how to play them, to lure the birds and beasts.┬áSponsor of my post site

But the sounds themselves – not yet music. In ancient times, people realized that the sounds are different: high and low, long and short, loud and muted, clear. But only when he began to organize them, to express them in your thoughts and feelings – there was music.

What is a musical sound? How a person perceives the music? Why it has such an impact on a person? In these difficult issues helps to find answers to physics. Section of physics that studies the nature of the sound is called acoustics.

Sound travels through the air in waves. This means that from the sounding object in all directions diverging sound waves. The vibrations transmitted through the air, is caused to vibrate our eardrums, causing us and pick up sounds. Sound – is spread in gases, liquids and solids, mechanical vibrations, perceived by the human ear and animals.

When a sound wave travels from the sound source, the air particles push each other, and the air is alternately compressed and rarefied. In other words, there is its vibration. What is the difference from the non-musical musical sound? We hear a certain note, when a series of compressions and expansions replaced in regular sequence. If the sequence of vibrations lacks regularity, came the noise to us.

We can easily distinguish between high and low sounds. Pitch – one of its main characteristics. It depends on the frequency of oscillations per second. The more oscillations per unit time, the higher the sound. The oscillation frequency depends on the degree of elasticity, length and thickness of the oscillating body:.. strings, a metal plate, the air column, etc. The reference sound in which all the instruments are adjusted, the sound is middle C. When setting up the orchestra played by the oboe. Oboist produces a sound corresponding to 440 vibrations per second.

When you play a musical instrument sounds (such as piano) is easy to see that each successive sound higher than the previous. Such a series of musical sounds, following one another in the manner of gradual increase, called scale.