Spring aggravation for women

Wonderful time of year – spring! Brighter and brighter the sun is shining, warming us magical warmth. Nature wakes up after winter sleep. Body and soul feel new strength and energy. Even the spring slush and volohist

do not spoil the mood. Some will not agree with me. For them, spring – time unpleasant and sometimes severe test, because the disease prevails.

To bad spring?
Often occurs in spring exacerbation bronchial asthma, gastric ulcer and 12 rings ulcer, gastritis, kolititiv, hypertension, migraine, diabetes, dentist Madison, urticaria, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, sexual disorders and menstrual disorders.

Many of these diseases are psychosomatic believes, emphasizing the influence thoughts, feelings and emotions on the disease. Psychiatrists point out in the spring exacerbation of alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling. Special attention to spring mood disorders. Seasonal mood swings are almost all men. Many feel the spring fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, fall performance, there is irritability, disturbed sleep. Often this state is attributed to the spring of hypovitaminosis, take a huge amount of limo service madison, but just being improved with the arrival of summer. People with too elevated mood less likely to cause anxiety. They are this time of year are experiencing extraordinary elevation and surplus power and emotions in a state of euphoria, but then changed gaiety outbursts of anger and irritability.

These states can be expressed in varying degrees, from light, bringing a slight discomfort to severe forms that significantly interfere with the normal course of life and perform the most urgent cases.

What determines the seasonal exacerbation?
Nature through evolution through natural selection, made all living organisms obey its laws and rhythms. clean-madison.cloudinng.top

Outage of these watches often hindered survival. Because of the special importance of their work was controlled at the genetic level and for many thousands of years passed from generation to generation.

How does this watch in person?
The work of our biological clock is controlled through close cooperation of the central nervous system with biologically active substances of body fluids (blood, lymph, etc.). This system of regulation is called neurohumoral. It depends on the nerve signals and many metabolic products (metabolites): tissue hormones, hypothalamic neurohormones histamine, peptides – agents of the system.

spring exacerbations zhinokYaskravyy example – light regulation. Light, Feel the retina of the eye, affects the epiphysis of the nucleus, where reduced or increased production of melatonin. This is one of the converters, which builds internal biorhythms rights in accordance with the rhythms of the environment.

As a result of these arrangements, the critical season organisms are the most stable state. So, in early spring, when there is a shortage of food and body reserves are limited, dramatically slowing the metabolism, dominated by the processes of inhibition in the nervous system, there napivsnu condition (appearance of hibernation in bears). Then, with increasing length of daylight and ambient temperature rise, the emergence of plant food begin preparations for the activity on reproduction and then growing the offspring.

In a bundle with the increased excitability of the nervous system, increases education pituitary hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal tract, gonads, increasing the intensity of energy metabolism and growth processes.

A clock working properly?
When a mismatch biological rhythms with the physical and social time there asynhroniya. Spring – a season of transition from the minimum level total activity (winter) to maximum (biological summer). Because spring is more common disorders.

What causes spring dysynhroniyu?
Progress means protecting against changes in the environment, besides comfort, brings cause disruption of biological clock.

Rhythms of social activity are major factors in a mismatch seasonal biorhythms in humans, fewer line with the natural rhythms. Production and routine household activities often goes against the clock of nature.

Genetic factors. Restructuring internal annual rhythm occurs over a number of generations. It is quite possible descendants feel the change of time zones of their ancestors. So some people when you change time zones, not only adapt quickly, but feel much better.

Food. The emphasis on deficits and the monotony of meals, especially the shortage of vitamins and minerals, is not relevant. A variety of useful products and presently available. Much more important food habits and their compliance with the requirements of the body. Biological clock created food calendar, under which work was pidbudovana all organs and systems, synthesis of hormones and enzymes metabolism. Thus, the use of large amounts of fat was associated with low body resistance ambient temperature, food and rest – a sharp decline in physical and emotional activity. Diets or, conversely, the feast of the stomach often run counter to this calendar.

And what to do?
In the spring exacerbations despite the discomfort and pain, there is one positive thing! Knowing about their approach, you can prepare for them in advance. When properly selected pattern of behavior may significantly reduce or even avoid many exacerbations.

It is necessary to mention beforehand doctor’s advice and start strictly adhere to them (diet, regime of work and rest, taking drugs).

Try to maximize exposure to fresh air, preferably in combination with physical activity.

Power must be complete and meet the needs of just your body. It is recommended to focus on vegetarian food, but exclude meat from the diet is not wool. Before observe fasting, consult with your doctor. Great product to fill the necessary nutrients in the spring – germinated cereals.

In some cases, possible therapeutic effect in change, even if temporary, climate and time zone.

Do not take on their shoulder the load, you can not. Avoid physical and mental particularly fatigue. Disruption and disorder are more common in people who have physical, psycho-emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed.

Control their emotions and mood. Do not forget, if necessary, to consult a therapist.

In the spring of depression try to advance without waiting for it began to create a period of emotional and physical rest.

With an excess of emotion and energy of pre-locate them to good use. Preference is given to occupations with increased physical activity, but the art, craft and other quiet admiration, too, will benefit.