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10 most useless applications that are tightened like a magnet.

With the development of operating systems, developers every day creates more and more programs that do not carry any meaning, but they want to run and run. Although they are stupid, but perfect for killing time, when you need something to do. Dental Services & Carrer Opportunities

1) Flappy Bird
One of the most successful and at the same time the most controversial hobby stores. Its creator desperately trying to remove his creation to the internet, as it has evolved from an ordinary harmless toys of the monster that addictive, like a drug.
“It infuriates people, and they are in a fit of anger often break smartphones” – commented the creator Dong Nguyen, his creation. But after a while he regained it, as began to appear numerous fakes of the program. Still, after the creation of Dong Nguyen brings him 50 thousand dollars a day.

2) Boxing Machine – Punch Meter
Another silly entertainment that makes you forget about everything around. The essence of the application to strike the air with his fist clenched in the phone. Strange, is not it? The program calculates how strong you left a blow to the imaginary enemy. Run it in the company of friends and reveal the strongest!

3) Snake
Most know and remember this legendary game. Snake – one of the most popular phones of the old generation games. But at the same time it is so addictive that it is today’s young people’s liking. The essence of the passage – eating apples or virtual points, with a consequent increase in snakes. The longer the snake, the more difficult it becomes to gain precious points. It is so popular that the developers on Android and iOS created a bunch of copies that allow you to enjoy it, not only with the old Nokia.

4) Doodle Jump
A newer version of Doodle Jump’a has been optimized for Android recently. Jumping man gained its popularity from the time of Symbian, and since then has not lowers the speed. The meaning of the game is useless and hones you any useful skills – simply need to jump from step to step, without coming into contact with different monsters. Very simple, but incredibly attracting program.

5) iBeer
Stupid app will appeal to beer lovers. Smartphone screen turns into a glass of beer, which will be filled and overflowing beer at a time when you twist it. His trick is that you can choose different types of beer and pretend as if smashed display. It is useless, but sometimes funny.

6) Bubble Wrap
Remember as a child we loved to burst bubble wrap because of technology? So you can now do so using your mobile. Enjoy your favorite sounds and emotions that you are guaranteed! Bursting bubbles and have 8 kinds of achievements for it. Incidentally, the production of this film recently banned, so the more you will not be able to experience the feelings that earlier.

7) 2048
Another attracting game that takes your time killer. At first glance, it seems harmless, but if you get to the core – you zalipnite for a few hours. The meaning of the puzzle game is to connect the two squares of the same value, until you have 2048 or more points. With that it is not so easy as it might seem at first glance. It makes no sense, but much killing time.

8) Angry Birds
One of the most popular applications in the world for good reason included in our rating. It is very interesting, but at the same time senseless. It is worth it to you to run – a lost evening is guaranteed. Thanks to this game, the developers of the platform became wildly rich people, and can provide a comfortable old age for themselves and their children. Our Doctor – Dr. Tapport The essence of the program is to bring down the barriers birds and pigs who are hiding in them.

9) The Impossible Game
Some applications are not only attractive but also annoying at the same time. One of them – The Impossible Game. The more you lose, the more you want to spend time there in the future. It is necessary to jump through the thorny obstacle and land on the square cubes.

10) Specimen
Last on our list – Specimen. At first glance, at boot time, you feel that this program is to test color blindness. But this is not the case. The idea is to as quickly as possible to the plate to reveal the figure, which corresponds to the background color. Pretty simple and unusual at the same time very tightening.