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Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage

Pilgrims called the man who consciously chosen to him the way, unlike ordinary tramp. Before that, he set a specific purpose, which must be connected with sacred symbols. Studying the theme: “Pilgrims – who is this?”, It should be noted that the Latin word translated as “palm” – palma (here means palm branches with which people met Jesus Christ in Jerusalem). The pilgrimage – a journey to the Holy Land and other holy places associated with the Christian faith.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Pilgrims – is it?
The basis of the Christian tradition rests desire faithful venerate holy places associated with the earthly life of Jesus Christ, His Mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and the apostles to immerse themselves in the sacred waters of the Jordan River and to pray before the miraculous holy image. In other religions have similar practices.
In a pilgrimage to the Holy Land began with the very first days of the birth of Russian Christianity. The path was difficult and dangerous, and mostly it was through Constantinople. By the XI century pilgrim routes were the Holy Land, Mount Athos and its national shrine. But in the XII century passion for pilgrimage reached its climax, and church authorities had to stifle zealous bohosluzhyteley.
By XV century comes a turning point, when Orthodox pilgrim begins to complain of harassment of his evil Arabs and Turks. By the time Constantinople fell to the Turks, and Eastern Christian shrines in the hands of Muslims.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Orthodox pilgrim
In the second half of the XVI century intensified again walking pilgrims to the Holy Land. Well known pilgrimage detailed merchant Vasily Yakovlevich loons Jerusalem and Egypt. He lived in Kazan and conducted trade with the Persian merchants. 40, in his own words, lived “and committed bad” behavior were the result of this disaster, Povalii his head one by one. His wife died, then sank ship the goods and trading mounted there. However, after the church and repent of them promise the implementation of pilgrimage to Jerusalem for one year, he amassed property twice over lost before.
However, most pilgrims were official people who send orders from Moscow government and charity.

The war with Turkey in the second half of the XVIII times over complicated Catherine Orthodox pilgrimage.
But by the mid XIX century an important role in strengthening the institution played a pilgrimage in Jerusalem Russian Spiritual Mission and the establishment of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society.
Often this kind of religious motives were aggressive cover for commercial purposes. Pilgrimage has played a huge role in the preparation of the Crusades. In the Middle Ages pilgrims – this higher nobility, warriors who sought initiation into the Knights, which took place at the Holy Sepulcher, and merchants with commercial purposes, and scientists and adventurers and magicians who sought knowledge miracle in the East.

Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
Pilgrimage today
Modern pilgrims – is who are you? And if there is a tradition of pilgrimage today? I must say that it revived, but in a new form, as interest and faith in Christ people did not disappear, but still growing. This is conducive to a huge number of new churches and monasteries that are most often organized such trips around the world, but those involved and travel agencies.
Pilgrims – is Orthodox pilgrimage
You can get any of Jerusalem or the Athos monastery pilgrims. Russian spiritual mission in Jerusalem keeps statistics where there is evidence that about half of spiritual pilgrims from around the world are Orthodox Christians from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Besides Russian pilgrims visiting Palestine Athos Greek city of Bari in Italy, where the relics of Saint Nicholas, the capital of Montenegro, which houses the right hand of John the Baptist and other Christian holy sites.
However pilgrimage has little to do with excursion tourism, as it requires preliminary work on spirituality in terms of purification of the soul repentance awareness of their sins and humility, it is necessary to access such large relics to penetrate deeply and reverently in the holy gospel atmosphere of events two thousand years ago.
Every Russian pilgrim, realizing for themselves the importance of the event, trying to advance properly prepare for this moment, so it is a time of fasting, confession, partake, many praying and then the blessing of their spiritual mentor goes on a trip.
The main thing is to understand that the Pilgrims – not just tourists but deeply religious people who go to relax and not considered holy as museum exhibits, and see something in secret, hidden from human eyes.