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How to win the championship title in all endeavors

No person who has no dreams. But some are being implemented, while others somehow not. According to psychologists and experienced trainers, from the word “I want” and “do” often lies a huge gap. Maybe you just need to learn the system, how to achieve their goals. This book will be a great help, “Golden Rules”, written by a coach of multiple Olympic champion Michael Phelps – Bob Bowman. Following the recommendations, you can achieve gold in all its endeavors, no matter what, you are swimming in the pool, working in the office or are acting in concert halls. So, what it needs to do? cleaning service Madison

Gain confidence
Confidence that all you can afford to allow to move mountains. In order to confidently pursue their desire to need three simple points:

clear concrete plan,
the thrust constant work,
incredible desire, which are a sign of burning eyes. computer repair Madison
It is difficult to distinguish from the three most important conditions, they work by connecting everything together. So do all the people who seek to conquer the top of desires: first give a global goal, and then divide it into smaller steps, and gradually overcome the difficulties arise. Achieving an Olympic gold in everyday life.

Follow the rules worked out by Bob Bowman
Bob Bowman began to develop the rules of success when Phelps was still 10 years old He checked, and then run in the basic provisions of the golden rules. Under the guidance of coach has grown a lot of other athletes, listened to his advice people not related to sports. The basic postulates of Bowman are the following statements:
First, you need to decide the most important dream;
Second, break it down into milestones; dentist Madison
Third, focus on the planning of actions to be carried out during the day, then a week, one month, and so on;
Fourth, regular work, but not pereuserdstvuya.
One wishes, and their own efforts are not enough. There are important and support of loved ones and personal perception of life and the ability to overcome stressful situations. Those basic conditions that do not allow give up after the first failures, helping to stand up and gather strength, when it seems that nothing will come of it.

Create an image of target
creating imaginary objectives often used in psychology. stylist Madison The ability to focus on her dream, attracting the most colorful pictures of its implementation, can ignite even the embers. You should configure your internal compass to the specified image ultimate goal. He will move to it.

Do not stray from the course, but sometimes it is correct
Towards a big goal every possible branch, temptations may arise. They should understand, endure or overcome, and gathered his strength, continue to move to the top of the target. The rate adjustment is not anything dangerous, the important thing is what will happen in the very end of the path.

Continue to work in spite of a bad mood or bad day
Living in a constant work – not an easy task. Here, even the most inveterate optimist may fail.  Interior Design Madison It is necessary to learn how to build their attitude, urging his own “I” in the positive aspects of the upcoming steps of affairs and events. To start is not very willing to engage in is with a smile, with the conviction that it is fun.

With served to the table at Christmas around the world?

Christmas is a special time for people around the world. The holiday is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. Today we will talk about what should be served to the table at Christmas around the world. cleaning service Madison

n Germany, served to the table cakes with candied fruit – Stollen. At Christmas, here to drink mulled wine. Stoll – is a cake which has an oblong shape. It is worth noting that the Germans were preparing these muffins a few weeks before the start of the holiday and it only improves the taste of Stolle.
In Bulgaria people are fasting. To the table served soups and pastries stuffed with vegetables.
At Christmas, the British eat their famous pudding, which is impregnated with brandy and set on fire. The dish is very tasty and fragrant. computer repair Madison
The Italians on the table there are seafood, cod, clams, anchovies, squid.
In France, Christmas dinner is served lobster, duck liver and oysters. This is the most traditional in the country.
In Sweden, preparing rice pudding with a surprise. In one of several portions put almonds. The Swedes believe that the person will fall portion of a surprise to be happy for a year.
Residents of Costa Rica prepare the gala dinner of pork. Recipe meat dishes passed down from generation to generation.
In Ethiopia accepted to cook chicken stew, which have taken arms. It does not use the traditional forks and knives Europeans.
In Australia, the holiday falls on a summer, so that the residents of barbecue with lamb and turkey. To the table is usually served shrimp. dentist Madison
In Ghana, prepare corn pudding, rice, roast with okra, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes called “fufu”.
Christians who live in Egypt, fasting 3 days before Christmas. To the table served “kushari” – a dish of pasta, lentils and rice, seasoned with tomato sauce and vinegar.
In India, usually served to the table or curry Biryani, which are considered traditional local dishes. milk “kheer” pudding served at the end of dinner.
At midnight, the people of the Philippines served to the table piglets, which is decorated with cheese.
Icelanders sit down at the table as early as 6 o’clock in the evening and eat a variety of meat. stylist Madison
In Argentina usually served veal with tuna sauce, pork, turkey and bread.
Finns prefer ham, fish, bread, vegetables, and drink mulled wine – mulled wine.

The Blue Marble

The first person who was able to make a “photographic” snapshot constant, that is, to fix the image was Joseph Niepce. The very first in the history of photography is considered to be a picture “View”, dated 1826 year. Image exposition lasted 8 hours. dentist Madison
2. The first color photograph in Russia published in “Notes of Russian Technical Society.” It captures Leo Tolstoy.
Leo Tolstoy in “Notes of the Russian Technical Society

3. The first rolkasseta – one of the prototypes of the modern film – which was placed svetochustvitelnoy 12 sheets of paper, and, respectively, and 12 shots, weighed 15 kilograms.
4. Camaya oldest in the world the camera was sold at auction in Vienna in 2007, at the same time setting an absolute record and becoming the most expensive camera ever sold at auction. Rarity called “Daguerreotype Sussat brothers» (Daguerrotype Susses Freres) was sold for nearly eight hundred thousand dollars. The starting price is 100 000 euro.
Daguerreotype Sussey brothers

5. In 1878, invented a technology that allows to fix the frame on the photographic film, almost without any delay. After 3 years, an employee of the American military institute was given the task to destroy the useless donkey, and the military decided to do it with “for the benefit of science” – to blow up the donkey’s head and fix it quick snapshot. The detonator explosives tied to a donkey was at the same time connected to the camera shutter. The experiment was a success: the machine accurately recorded the moment of explosion a donkey head. stylist Madison
Moment of the explosion donkey head

6. The famous picture of Einstein with his tongue hanging out was made in 1951 on the birthday physics. Einstein gave her the leading scientific and popular programs, Howard Smith, and wrote on the back of the card: “You will like this gesture, because it is the whole of humanity.”
Albert Einstein

7. In the first place in the Top 10 most expensive pictures of the world is anonymous work of Richard Prince of the series “Cowboy”, pushed in 2008 for 3.401 million dollars.
Richard Prince – Cowboy

8. Camera “Changing the symbol” used by Soviet climbers during the ascent of Everest in 1982; the camera back from the expedition in good condition and now stored at the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow. interior design Madison
Change symbol

9. The famous American photographer Matthew B. Brady was the first man who took a picture of himself, that is. E. Made a self-portrait.
10. William Thompson performed the first underwater photos using a camera mounted on the bottom. The pictures were of very poor quality. Made near Veymonta, UK.
Underwater photography William Thompson

11. The first picture, which depicts a fully illuminated Earth, known as «The Blue Marble» ( «Blue Marble”) and was made December 7, 1972 the spacecraft command Apollo 17. The sun was behind the Earth, at a time when photographed, and The land is completely covered.

The Blue Marble
12. The first “photographic” was made of asphalt. More precisely, a copper or glass plate was coated asphalt varnish.
13. For the first time to retouch photos and on request to make them “color”, which was achieved by coloring with watercolors, began in 1840.
14. In early cameras speed of the central gate was low, so shooting moving objects used valves with moving shutters. However, it is not perceived as a defect – it was believed that such images could not be better emphasize agility and speed. Later, that’s why the artists of comics and cartoons often depicted cars with oval wheels.
15. The French singer during the occupation performed in prison camps in Germany, after which was photographed for memory with them and the German officers. Then in Paris prisoners face cut out and pasted in false documents. Piaf went to the camp to visit again and smuggling of these passports, with which some prisoners managed to escape. dance studio Madison

How to be happy?

Everyone dreams about to be all that it wants, what it lacks for complete happiness. In most cases, each of us dreams about to have their own home, a family, a good job, the ability to relax and travel. more info

Everyone dreams about to be all that it wants, what it lacks for complete happiness. In most cases, each of us dreams about to have their own home, a family, a good job, the ability to relax and travel. Some dream of and long lasting relationships between loved people, and someone dentist Madison that the world has always been. Today you can talk about happiness and too long, but come together in one, what is happiness and how to win, no one can, because it is all different.

On the way to his happiness Do not be upset if you cleaning madison, setbacks and possible disappointment. Always worth thinking about the fact that life is only what should be and what the person seeking their own. So do not cry, fall into depression and disappointed. You take yourself in hand, smile, stand up from their knees and go forward with confidence to their happy future. You should always believe in their own strength and did not stop.

Experience shows us many examples and lessons for which we should be grateful. Do not feel sorry for myself, th luck loves those who do not think who is working on them and correct its mistakes. Very often it happens limo service in Madison people make mistakes in their lives, and only time can show what was wrong and correct as possible.

As for love – it is a great joy to find it. Poor man all his life to be alone. A woman has to think about the fact that its main task – is to be the light in his family. She has a baby, give it life lessons. In addition, one of the main problems of women – is concern for her husband. Most of her beloved husband would rush home, where his wife awaits smiling, tasty food on the table, children groomed, clean home. In turn, he will do everything that depends on it, that his family was always cheerful and happy. read here

An important role in creating their own happiness plays the man himself. If you want your life and fortune were always on your side to do so, as she wants. For example, years verified the fact that a person always gets back what she gives. If you want to have true friends, not enemies have, then first you have to be such a person. Man always attracts that gives to others.

Today we can be happy because in the morning we woke up that next to us is family, parents alive and healthy children. If a job is a time to rest, have a roof over your head. These simple and necessary things make people truly happy and this should always remember. more

Psychology of female career

Over the past few years, this trend can be observed that women increasingly trying to gain career climb higher up the career ladder while every year the number of applicants is increasing. Is no exception and the case that cleaning madison immediately after graduation prefer as soon as possible to get married and start a family. Anyway, the reason for this is the desire to ensure your life, and significantly increase the life status. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl

Professional activity – is the realm of self-realization and personalization. Thanks to the professional activities of the person can discover dentist Madison talents, preferences and express themselves, especially their abilities, professional and personal qualities. In addition, it is trying to achieve recognition and importance not only in humans but also in society.

It is said that an important role is played career, which is a kind of search for himself and his path in life. On the one hand it makes it possible to acknowledge the fact that people could realize themselves, on the other – professional activity was highly appreciated by the company. Speaking of women’s careers, it is multifaceted and complex.

Women were and are discriminated against during more than one century. Even today, society believes ni main purpose of women – a reproductive function. In many countries, women deprived of any opportunity to express themselves, their knowledge and skills. limo-madison-service.yourchose.top

For many years, tradition and society offered women, regardless of their social status, to solve the two most important things in her life – is to marry a child. Now these problems added another – a career. The modern woman today has gone beyond housewives, wife and mother. She wants to realize itself and outside the family, which leads to the fact that women alone can perform, in most cases, men work thus can compete with them in talent, professionalism and vigor.

Any desire a career woman can cause adverse event, as yet more than half of humanity still believes that the main purpose of women – is to continue the race. It should wonder what is still more important – to have a baby and feel the happiness of motherhood or a career, and then realize that it is too late to think about the family, and the time already elapsed and next to no one.

The manners that poorly are perceived others.

A good education – it is a very fine thing. All parents are confident that they are well brought up their children, but they rely on the fact that they themselves consider good or bad. They pass on their experience, they think that they themselves are well trained, but this is not always the case. The cause errors in behavior cleaning madison the fact that people do not see these errors, because never heard someone talking about it or did her remark, so just do not know that it has some problem.
For girls, this situation is important too, because girls inherent tenderness, courtesy, delicacy, and so they are less forgiving of rudeness different behavior.
What you should pay attention to make sure you do not do in public.
Not chuhaytesya at people – it is bad form scrape himself in all places wherever zasverbilo. It looks extremely attractive, and sometimes may even cause disgust. If you zasverbila hand, can of mosquito bites or that, you need a place to rub his hand, not shkryabaty his nails.
Another disease is picking ears, some even manages then check under the fingernails that they were able to withdraw from the ears and dentist Madison another nail shoot it in the air …
Cleaning nails is the same emotions. Nail certainly worth a look, but it should be done at home, if it happened some trouble and hands were contaminated, it is necessary to leave the bathroom and they wash their hands or use wet wipes.
Also, some people have another good habit that annoys others – after eating mouth propoliskuyetsya compote or other drinks and all kovtayetsya. Sitting next to such a man at the table – a real test of the strength of his stomach. It sounds that accompany all these actions coupled with imagination who watches it can occur in any reaction. Never do this!
Loud laughter especially from the fair sex is viewed with great surprise. Sometimes it is difficult to resist in order not to turn your head and not rounded eyes on tau behavior. limo-madison-service.yourchose.top
Also in today’s society is not so rare manifestation education mother her baby, but some things just cause terror. Mom’s not holding back in terms, is rarely explicit and obscene flash of rage, manifested a child in public. People around you believe this to have a bit mad, unhappy woman whose life did not happen and now come off on your baby that will grow rude and death. No normal parent does not want to continue their polite kids communicate with this unfortunate child who already got at risk.

How to learn not to worry and live happily ever after?

Swedish proverb says that everyone comes to self-destruction in various ways, and one of them – is a concern.

Most people are very worried for the family or a career in these moments in their mind creates various negative scenarios in which a cleaning madison. In this case the alarm is transformed into a sort of worm that sharpens a man like Dutch cheese and gradually leave power.

First of all, experts recommend to focus on the current real moment, is “now” and “here.” The largest number of alarming experiences and inspired by the idea that in the future can bring this or that situation. If all the time to think about it and think negatively, then nothing good it will not. Even worse is on if a similar situation had you in my life in the past and it always remember and compare. Do not always dentist Madison about it and imagine the future in a negative way, because this is worse, moreover, it significantly weakens the nervous system.

Experts in this area recommended to think about today. If during the day negative thoughts or anxiety will come again to you, you should stop, sit down for a few minutes. Just, focus your thoughts on today’s real days, because “tomorrow” will not go anywhere.

It’s easy to drive off into the past or into the future, so we need to return to reality, for example, when it’s negative opinion, should talk limo service madison you do in particular at the time. It should be said at the hearing: “I paint the floor” (or what you are doing at the time) and immediately thought back to reality.

Every time the tides are such negative thoughts, you should ask themselves the question, how many times was fulfilled what they feared? Should I think about is experience and if is only thought and imagination? It is said that in fact most things are so afraid of people, just not implemented in reality, so it is not necessary for this to focus their attention.

Of course, it is always easier and easier to say than to do, but is nevertheless set itself a clear goal to live a reality should not worry and worry, besides many worries simply not carried out and a man casts over the bar in the alarm.

Before you undergo a strong emotion, we should calmly think about how you can actually affect the current situation to be able to change it. In each case, there are two ways – either you can not change anything and not have to compel myself or should stop worrying and start to change and act.

Women loneliness

Half a beautiful article loves solitude and quite confident feeling, and the other can not imagine how you can live without a full family. Is this their pros and minusy.Dostatno large number of women find some solitude stamp, indicating crossed life. However, this has its advantages, but still there is a cleaning madison. Sponsor of my post site vogel-geluk.nl

Prevahu loneliness:

– In this case, a woman can manage their own free time. Remember friends, who are always busy and have no free time to have to go to rest. It is almost unfulfilled task, but single women this question does not arise. They always go where they want, they can devote yourself time in order to read a book, watch a favorite movie or a friend to help. That is, they always do what they want.

– Your money – is only your money and anyone else they do not belong. If a woman lives alone, then after it receives bills, it is absolutely free dentist Madison choice, so it alone and decides that she bought, or what delay. No one will ask where to spend it, or ask for their needs.

– There is a good opportunity to open themselves. A lot of women can identify with the mother, or wife, while completely forget that they – women who want to discover their talents and boundless opportunities.

– There is an opportunity to contribute their time with friends and family. A married woman rarely has the opportunity, because the family is always in trouble. Lonely woman herself can choose the time that she can devote relatives.

– Freedom career. A woman who has free time can always afford to take the time to his favorite work, he alone can decide, for limo service madison, get another portends education, or even move to another country.

– Travel – is another plus free woman, because she can always go on vacation at any time and in that country, which they like. In this case, can only limit the budget, but to raise funds also have the option of a free woman, she does not spend too much money on themselves. You can also travel with relatives or friends.

– When a woman lives alone, she has plenty of time in order to think, rethink your life, make a difference in the relationship. Of course, require something from a person while doing nothing mutually.

There are disadvantages of loneliness, but you should always remember that everything that happens in life – it’s for the best. Not always will be, so you should enjoy the solitude while this is a possibility.

Seeing the signs

What are the signs? People wit, reflected in figurative expression, a human experience, the ability to read signals heaven … Actually, it is not so important any prejudices. More importantly, the phenomenon of the signs there, and do not reject people’s wisdom.

If a black cat perebizhyt road – to failure.
You can not laugh on Friday evening, for Sunday morning must pay.
Do not sit on the table – bad day is dentist Madison.
You can not take out the garbage at night – the money you are carrying.
Do not borrow money after sunset – not money.
If you meet a woman – for good luck.
You can not eat with a knife – is evil mother in law.
Do not lick the plate – the man is bald.
Of course, many signs just warned us to be careful. For example, do not eat with a knife. Logically! You can cut yourself.

Each person has their own system of signals, which takes its guardian angel. It is, believe me.

The universe was created for a specific order, law, ignorance of which does not release us from the unexpected limo service madison of fate. If you do not follow these laws violate them, you sure is exactly what teaches proper treatment.

Sometimes it may be some small syhnalchyky cups that broke, lost wallet, a chance encounter on the street, a strange adventure at precisely the time when you are going to an important meeting.

Do you happened is when everything falls out of the hands or, conversely, goes like clockwork? Perhaps you familiar situation when all seemed zhovorylys, preventing you to do some act. clean-madison.cloudinng.top

There were times when such signals heavenly forces managed to prevent imminent catastrophe. At the last minute peredumuvav people suddenly go on a tour, or sixth sense prompted him or something suddenly prevented, and survived. A passenger plane, in which he had to fly died. What it is? Accident? Or pattern in which there is in this world every change. clean-madison.cloudinng.top

We call this ability intuition, a sixth sense, a gift of Providence. It is not equally developed, but it can be trained. One has only to take a closer look in the world and he will answer all questions.

Have you ever fall into the same situation a few times? As if fascinated, you are giving money to the debt, in the hope that you will return them on time and in full, and the borrower is not in a hurry. The next time you forgive them and bad faith to help out again, shooting the last shirt. And of course expect similar behavior from them, and suddenly natykayetesya wall of indifference. Are you surprised your indignation and surprise no limits. And, meanwhile, you are guilty of this. It did not warn the beneficiary of its expectations. You thought it obvious.

To more clearly, a very clear signal, we must be careful not to trust people too, especially in such dishonest. But you still popadayetesya the same hook, making the same mistakes. If you are inattentive student, this situation will be repeated often. Moreover, each of the new interchange will be less and less fun.

There are people who had never worked, but for the time, lived in a big way only through the blessings of their relatives and friends. After refusing native pleminnychku or granddaughter? We refuse bad. We do not have any capitalists.

Why the time being? So as eventually circle of people who sponsor relatives in need is becoming narrower and debt level grows and sucks deeper. He borrows again and again to give his former creditors or restore credibility, sits this process, both the drug. And then, to repay victims seeking new dobrenkyh. And so infinitely more precisely to the same until the debt is not calculated in such large amounts that the debtor becomes the object of hunting. And to finish it all can be very sad if people do not come to its senses. All this carousel is nothing like signal that repeats itself, the problem to be solved. A vicious circle.

By the way, there is one very bright sign:
If you want to lose a friend, lend him money.

Another signal that must be able to read it when life throws up repeatedly like you people. Your new appears as two drops of water similar to the former husband. Or chiefs come across the same, like twins, with similar disadvantages. Why do you natykayetesya on the same problems in communication?

signs signal that is vamTomu not learned. So life can be for many years chained you to the greedy, brawlers, traitors … Until you finally realize that people with such traits and habits sent to you on purpose by some higher forces in order for you to understand something important about themselves, laws universe, vypravylysya if make a mistake or incorrect thought.

Strange, you think, because I’m not greedy, why do I always have to communicate with clam even in the face of her husband, mother in law, neighbors and even their own children. So just because you’re not that, considering themselves above other better. So life seems to harangue you pride, pride. Causes doubt that your virtue above all.

Celestial forces can play you in this way. They, unfortunately, are arranged events so that those features that you condemn in others, suddenly some miracle suddenly appeared in you. And, all around, and you in particular, it becomes so clear that you could not help’ll have to think about the consequences of their actions or view the world.

In severe cases, a person does not want to obey his deputies, they forced her to go through trials and suffering or loss. That it befell meaning of true human values. Did you meet people who completely changed after some important events in his life. As if born anew. And those who heard, said: disaster does not go one. Failure, like scabies, clinging to him and nibbles at heels.

If you can not change our minds signals in the course are more powerful ways. For example, disease – is not nothing but a warning of what happens to you something is not right and wrong. Can not think so. It may act contrary to the laws of the world.

And finally, if the person does not understand this warning, then dies. Her soul would have to go all the way again, purify and reach the appropriate level.

Listen to yourself. You can receive the information of higher powers in terms of a fatalist who believes in fate and is not trying to change the direction in which his life sailing the boat. And you can develop your soul, bring it to a higher stage of development to another embodiment of this does not go in a circle.

As? We must look closely to life and to trust your inner feeling. With internal dialogue with his soul can find answers to almost all of the most difficult life issues that confronts you reality.

Have you in the event of any difficulties in life to notice a treacherous desire to throw all the blame on her husband, friend, mother, children, neighbors, government, anyone? Take responsibility, in fact, very difficult. But we need. It is important that everything that happens to you, this is your problem and more draws. They need you. Your life, your mistakes, bruises lessons. Each of us lives only his, he designed a life and making only their individual errors and where learning.

Spring aggravation for women

Wonderful time of year – spring! Brighter and brighter the sun is shining, warming us magical warmth. Nature wakes up after winter sleep. Body and soul feel new strength and energy. Even the spring slush and volohist

do not spoil the mood. Some will not agree with me. For them, spring – time unpleasant and sometimes severe test, because the disease prevails.

To bad spring?
Often occurs in spring exacerbation bronchial asthma, gastric ulcer and 12 rings ulcer, gastritis, kolititiv, hypertension, migraine, diabetes, dentist Madison, urticaria, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, sexual disorders and menstrual disorders.

Many of these diseases are psychosomatic believes, emphasizing the influence thoughts, feelings and emotions on the disease. Psychiatrists point out in the spring exacerbation of alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling. Special attention to spring mood disorders. Seasonal mood swings are almost all men. Many feel the spring fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, fall performance, there is irritability, disturbed sleep. Often this state is attributed to the spring of hypovitaminosis, take a huge amount of limo service madison, but just being improved with the arrival of summer. People with too elevated mood less likely to cause anxiety. They are this time of year are experiencing extraordinary elevation and surplus power and emotions in a state of euphoria, but then changed gaiety outbursts of anger and irritability.

These states can be expressed in varying degrees, from light, bringing a slight discomfort to severe forms that significantly interfere with the normal course of life and perform the most urgent cases.

What determines the seasonal exacerbation?
Nature through evolution through natural selection, made all living organisms obey its laws and rhythms. clean-madison.cloudinng.top

Outage of these watches often hindered survival. Because of the special importance of their work was controlled at the genetic level and for many thousands of years passed from generation to generation.

How does this watch in person?
The work of our biological clock is controlled through close cooperation of the central nervous system with biologically active substances of body fluids (blood, lymph, etc.). This system of regulation is called neurohumoral. It depends on the nerve signals and many metabolic products (metabolites): tissue hormones, hypothalamic neurohormones histamine, peptides – agents of the system.

spring exacerbations zhinokYaskravyy example – light regulation. Light, Feel the retina of the eye, affects the epiphysis of the nucleus, where reduced or increased production of melatonin. This is one of the converters, which builds internal biorhythms rights in accordance with the rhythms of the environment.

As a result of these arrangements, the critical season organisms are the most stable state. So, in early spring, when there is a shortage of food and body reserves are limited, dramatically slowing the metabolism, dominated by the processes of inhibition in the nervous system, there napivsnu condition (appearance of hibernation in bears). Then, with increasing length of daylight and ambient temperature rise, the emergence of plant food begin preparations for the activity on reproduction and then growing the offspring.

In a bundle with the increased excitability of the nervous system, increases education pituitary hormones, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, gastrointestinal tract, gonads, increasing the intensity of energy metabolism and growth processes.

A clock working properly?
When a mismatch biological rhythms with the physical and social time there asynhroniya. Spring – a season of transition from the minimum level total activity (winter) to maximum (biological summer). Because spring is more common disorders.

What causes spring dysynhroniyu?
Progress means protecting against changes in the environment, besides comfort, brings cause disruption of biological clock.

Rhythms of social activity are major factors in a mismatch seasonal biorhythms in humans, fewer line with the natural rhythms. Production and routine household activities often goes against the clock of nature.

Genetic factors. Restructuring internal annual rhythm occurs over a number of generations. It is quite possible descendants feel the change of time zones of their ancestors. So some people when you change time zones, not only adapt quickly, but feel much better.

Food. The emphasis on deficits and the monotony of meals, especially the shortage of vitamins and minerals, is not relevant. A variety of useful products and presently available. Much more important food habits and their compliance with the requirements of the body. Biological clock created food calendar, under which work was pidbudovana all organs and systems, synthesis of hormones and enzymes metabolism. Thus, the use of large amounts of fat was associated with low body resistance ambient temperature, food and rest – a sharp decline in physical and emotional activity. Diets or, conversely, the feast of the stomach often run counter to this calendar.

And what to do?
In the spring exacerbations despite the discomfort and pain, there is one positive thing! Knowing about their approach, you can prepare for them in advance. When properly selected pattern of behavior may significantly reduce or even avoid many exacerbations.

It is necessary to mention beforehand doctor’s advice and start strictly adhere to them (diet, regime of work and rest, taking drugs).

Try to maximize exposure to fresh air, preferably in combination with physical activity.

Power must be complete and meet the needs of just your body. It is recommended to focus on vegetarian food, but exclude meat from the diet is not wool. Before observe fasting, consult with your doctor. Great product to fill the necessary nutrients in the spring – germinated cereals.

In some cases, possible therapeutic effect in change, even if temporary, climate and time zone.

Do not take on their shoulder the load, you can not. Avoid physical and mental particularly fatigue. Disruption and disorder are more common in people who have physical, psycho-emotionally and intellectually overwhelmed.

Control their emotions and mood. Do not forget, if necessary, to consult a therapist.

In the spring of depression try to advance without waiting for it began to create a period of emotional and physical rest.

With an excess of emotion and energy of pre-locate them to good use. Preference is given to occupations with increased physical activity, but the art, craft and other quiet admiration, too, will benefit.