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The most unusual and strange invention

In the last century there were many useful and necessary inventions that changed the life of a person. But how much has been invented absurd and useless things that nobody even never used, except perhaps themselves the inventors of these masterpieces? Here are a few striking examples.

Facekini – face swimsuit
People who prefer to dress stylishly must evaluate. Mask in the form of hats, suspiciously reminiscent balaclava should emphasize your irresistibility, help transfer the heat of summer and protect against the harmful effects of the sun. The Chinese have already penetrated and did buy a novelty. Meet the Team Do not you think that this mode like a bank robber and shops?

Bra with reservoirs for storing drinks
Men who are interested in this invention, it will have to buy his lady. Drinks downloaded and used by a rather complex mechanism. The owner of this underwear is not threatened thirst, and yet it can be used to lure men, if it does not fill with water, and something stronger. The extent of your appeal will depend on the volume of the tanks. Downtown Condos The real godsend for some women.


Entertainment on the hand drive mechanism for the kicks on his buttocks
Maybe there are people who like to have fun in this way. Device for “samopinaniya” invented Joe Armstrong. With the help of hand pedals to entertain people drives the rear wheel, behind him. Wheel mounted on shoes made of soft flexible material. During one rotation – four pink. The frequency of interaction with the shoe fifth point depends on the speed with which the pedal themselves entertained.