The Best Music

If you are here, you probably already read a lot of words on the theme of “Life”, but the words will always be only words, which often do not change anything, but simply fill your mind concepts (indeed – strange concepts). Music acts very differently – its action is similar to the effect of meditation, which gradually cleanses your mind on what you are not – fear, stress, guilt, anxiety. And when out what you really are not a naturally manifest the true qualities of your mind – fearlessness, joy, wisdom, compassion.┬áSponsor of my post site

To access these features you need to work on yourself, and for this you need only one thing – inspiration. Any other qualities which you are lacking (whether it be joy, strength, clarity, confidence) is already in you, just at the moment they can not be manifested. That music can give you inspiration – because when you listen to music, you’re in touch with the minds of those great people who wrote and performed the music, and when you fully open the music – these people can give you the sensation of life directly, without the aid of words (because words – very unreliable intermediary in the transmission of the main ­čÖé

Music for Life is not designed for passive listening, for life – it is primarily the development, activity, movement. Dance. Trust this music, you feel it, follow it. If you want to smile, laugh, cry – great if you will respond calm – too well. The most important thing – the mere presence at the same time and watch what happens. But watch – it does not mean rate. Let’s do not count, because we are not in school. Let the music guide you. If it happens, then the boundary between inside and outside (which exists only in our minds) will disappear.

And before you go to the music – a few words, which you probably know very well – in fact they are from “The Little Prince”: “Here is my secret, it is very simple: one can see rightly only the heart of the main invisible to the eye.”. So remember that …